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Cheat Codes for Online Betting Machines

One of the most commonly asked questions on any gaming forum is that of how to beat the slot machines and win the jackpot.  Sadly, for many players wanting to make a fast buck, the answer is not what they want to hear. Since the dawn on the digital era, slot machines have been controlled by random number generators which prevent players from being able to cheat the system. Even if you are able to access to the internal working of a slot machine, it will still not be able to alter the likelihood of you being able to win the jackpot.

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Pre-Sixties Slot Machines

Unlike modern best online slots today, before the 1960s all slots machines could be cheated. This was because they were wound up in order for them to be in full working order and the sounds they made could often determine whether a win was coming close, especially to the trained ear.  But the 1960s themselves marked a complete revolution in the casino world, with all windup slots machines being replaced by those requiring electricity. These mechanical style slots machines were much harder to cheat and did not have the tell-tale noises highlighting the likelihood of a win, but cheating them was still possible until around 1990.  This was the time when servers, computer software, central databases, and coding helped to protect the casinos from being cheated out of what was rightfully theirs.

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The role of the RNG in Slots

Random number generators are used by slots machines to prevent cheating and to ensure that all players have the same chance of being able to win the jackpot. This means that the chances are open to all players and not solely the ones who have a good ear.

Modern slots machines use the random number generators to determine winners through the use of pre-generated scientific and mathematically derived none hackable coding. Therefore, each symbol you see on the screen represents a specific code determining as to whether you are able to win in any way.

Due to the RNG, there are no known ways to be able to cheat the best slot games online to play as the codes cannot be deciphered, guessed or predicted.

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What is a Cheat Code for Slot Machines?

A cheat code was a way in which people were able to access the back end of an online slots machine either through the use of very simple coding or even sometimes just by using chips. It was not something which was advertised or open to the public, but instead was something only generally accessible to the person who coded the initial computer program during the creation of the slots game. As creative coders began to leave access open for themselves more and more frequently, and therefore gaining access to considerable amounts of cash, the casinos became suspicious and arrests were made. Due to the reasons and the amount of money lost by the casinos through cheating coders, there is now no possible way to use a cheat code, even if you are an impressively able coder.

The 10 Best Slots Cheats in History

Though it is no longer possible to cheat slot machines, there have been numerous ways in which to cheat slot machines over their popular years. You cannot fool a slot machine and nor should you try as it is more than likely to end in severe punishment. It is interesting, however, to learn about the different methods which have been used. The most memorable are:

  1. Cheat Codes;
  2. Coin Shaving;
  3. Fake Coins;
  4. The use of the YoYo technique;
  5. The use of the Light Wand technique;
  6. Using a Piano Wire;
  7. Hot-Wiring the slots machine;
  8. The Money’s Paw method;
  9. Using low-value notes in return for high-value notes;
  10. Changing the chip within the slot machines computer.

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How to Play Slots Most Effectively

To play slots in the most effective manner, you are best to hope and pray that Lady Luck is on your side. That is about as technical as it gets with modern day slots machines. There is no foolproof cheating method, no way of fooling the machines and no way of knowing the method behind the coding of each individual machine, despite how clued up you may be.

Yes, you can look for games machines with a higher return to player rate so that your chances of winning any return are at the highest possible, but this is not described as cheating. This is more clever play, where any player with any sense would choose machines with higher advertised RTP to avoid making an overall loss during their play time. These values are denoted as a percentage and are available for any player to be able to source this information freely.

Cheating in a Casino

Cheating in Casinos is taking hugely seriously. If caught attempting to cheat, you will at one end of the scale be escorted off the premises and banned from the casino, or at the other end of the scale, you will be arrested. Casinos use a wide range of different methods in order to keep an eye on their machines, included cameras and security guards. As the majority of techniques ever used to try and cheat the slots machines requires a player to physically manipulate the machines themselves, the risk of getting caught is enormously high and it is absolutely not worth going to jail for.

Currently, casinos worldwide are investing their money in increasing the ability of their light sensors. This is to enable cheats to be highlighted a lot faster and a lot more effectively, with evidence showing up on the constantly recording cameras more clearly, too.

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Slot Machines are protected

The reason that slot machines are protected is to ensure that play is fair amongst all players and that the reputation of each casino remains high. Players should attend their favorite casinos looking for a fun way to spend their time and not with the intention of trying to cheat the machines or try to cheat the casinos out of their own money.  It’s not even worth trying to cheat as we can tell you for a fact that even been suspected of cheating, even if cheating cannot be proved, will end in nothing but your own arrest.

Best Way to Play Slot Machines in 2021

Yes, there is no way to cheat slot machines online in 2021, but there are indeed ways to boost your luck. 

Firstly, it is important to know the following aspects of a game before starting your betting session:

  • RTP - defines long term winnings.
  • Volatility - illustrates the frequence/size of payouts.
  • Bet levels - being aware of the range of bets highlights the potential number of spins and the maximum wins you could pocket.

Then, there are also some other decisions that can affect your winning chances in slot machines.

  • Casino promotions
  • License and safety of your transactions online
  • Tournaments

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