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Casino slots vs Other casino games

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The online casino industry is absolutely thriving right now and it has never been a better time to gamble online. With so much choice when it comes to what online gambling games you can play, where to play them and when to play them, we have never seen online casino in a manner which we do today.

More and more people are gambling online and as such more money is going into the industry to provide even better games. Superb graphics and stunning gameplay has become the norm online casino players expect and perhaps even more importantly, the jackpots are beginning to grow too.

However, when it comes to picking what kind of game you would like to play, this can tend to be one of the most tricky parts of online casino and as such we are providing a head-to-head of two of the most popular ways to gamble online. In this article we will be comparing casino slots versus other casino games - both of which are available at Easy Slots.


Casino slots

Casino uk best slots or online slot machines are the evolved version of the fruit machines that once adorned pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars all over the country. There were once very very simple games but in recent years have evolved to include more elaborate themes, extra bonus features and the sort of gameplay that you might expect from a videogame.

Casino games

As for other casino games, these tend to be casino classics such as blackjack and other card games, roulette or even bingo. There is a wealth of games available online that our casino classics but how do they compare against online slot machines?

Originality of slot machines

While you would expect the gameplay of online slot machines to be rather simple, you will be surprised at just how original some of these games have become in the past few years. There are new themes and styles of game in the fruit machine market that have truly innovated the genre beyond recognition in some cases. The more detailed themes have made for more engaging slot machines and in a sense of originality at least, slot machines conquer casino classics. Discover original Easy slot games to play here.

Mobile play

When it comes to mobile casinos and pay by mobile casino more and more people are playing from the ease of their smartphone device. When it comes to slot games played online, the online finishing is truly at home in the handheld device. However, this is not to say that at the casino games are weaker when playing on mobile. For sheer playability on mobile devices, you simply cannot separate slot machines and other casino classics.

Jackpot sizes

However when it comes to the all-important jackpots slot machines really are standing out as the strong choice for online casino players. This is largely thanks to the new development of the progressive jackpot, the jackpot that has no limit and relies on several players adding to a community jackpot until is eventually paid out. This is a feature that casino classics lack and as such slot machines take the win.