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Can you cheat a slot machine with a magnet?

Cheating slots

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We are all looking for ways to win, especially when it comes to playing some of the best online slots. Before the advent of the online casino, gamers only had the option of playing in land based casinos. It was here that they would try their luck at traditional fruit slot machines. In this article we are going to discover slot machine cheats with a magnet. We will also look at the other slot machine cheats there are out there.

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How to cheat a slot machine with a magnet

This is actually a fairly common question and it can only be achieved on the older machine models. This is because they are made of metal. So, to cheat it you will need to begin the game and then utilise a strong enough magnet on the outside of the machine. What you then want to do is use the magnets to stop the reels from spinning when you spot your winning combination. You would then take the magnet away from the machine and claim the winning payout. This is not the easiest slot cheat to get away with though, as you can hardly hide what you are doing!

The light wand

This slot machine cheat was invented by a man called Tommy Glenn Carmichael. It’s likely that you have already heard of this man, as he is notorious for cheating slot machines for 40 years before he got caught. He spent time in prison as a punishment before he decided to change his ways for the better. He now helps out the Nevada Gaming Commission to catch cheaters. One of his cheating inventions was the light wand which works on the machines that used random number generators. The purpose of the light wand is to trip the electronic sensor and it would need to move its way up the payout hole. It would then trick the machine into thinking that it needs to give the player a payout.

Fake coins

Another common way of cheating a slot machine is with fake coins. Players would use fake coins that are worth no real money and then hope that they will land a winning payout. A famous gambler called Louis Colavecchio used this method. He even gained the nickname ‘The Coin’ in the process! He utilised this way of cheating slot machines for a number of years until he was put in prison in 1998. In 2006 he had done his time, but he went back to cheating the slots soon after!

Dollar bill validator device

This is a similar form of cheat to the one above, as it revolves around the money you are putting into the slot machine. It has also been around for many years now, and it’s a pretty sneaky one as players don’t often get caught from it. It is a device that you wrap around your money to trick the slot machine. It will then believe that a $1 note is a massive $100 bill, and this can greatly increase your chances of landing a huge winning payout.

Concluding thoughts

From our article it is clear that players will stop at nothing to win – even if that means cheating! The various ways of cheating are interesting to research, especially how to cheat a slot games with a magnet. However we would never, ever recommend that players try and cheat slot machines. This is for numerous reasons, but the most obvious is that it takes all of the fun out of it. After all, winning fair and square is what makes casino gaming fun. What’s more, you can be banned for life from casinos for cheating and this means that you won’t be able to play your favourite games ever again. Plus you could even be thrown in jail and we don’t think you’d want that!

So make sure that you avoid cheating at all costs and just cross your fingers and hope lady luck is on your side! If it’s online slot games that you want to play, then sign up to the online casino Easy Slots. They have hundreds of games to choose from, all with great bonuses that can help you win fairly. They won’t stand for you cheating over there!