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Best Payouts For Online Slots in 2020

Best Payouts For Online Slots in 2020

Top online slots games are all the range in the UK right now.

The once humble gambling pastime that still can be found twinkling in pubs, clubs, chip shops and bars event today, is hugely popular online. The rise in the use of smartphones has lead to a rise in the use of online gambling websites and the result is that more people are spinning and winning online than ever before.

Despite being a fairly simple way to gamble, there is something undeniably satisfying about the online slot game and it seems that the format has gone from strength to strength. Ranging in themes and layouts, if you want to play an online slot game then you are truly spoilt for choice. Some of the most popular slot games in UK are of one certain theme though: the jackpot slot.

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The jackpot slot game

There is an incredible amount of themes out there in the world of online slot games. In the UK alone, you could find yourself playing any number of themed slot games.

From outer space adventures like the overwhelming popular slot game, Starburst, to Ancient Egyptian slots like Cleopatra. From underwater spectacles to zombie apocalypses. From football-themed games to slots that simply use the age-old fruit machine format, themes can range from the conventional to the damn right ridiculous.

However, the jackpot slot consistently provides stimulating slot game fun for the many who choose to gamble in this way. What is a jackpot slot? Well, quite simply, a jackpot themed slot game is a slot game that caters itself towards the potential for truly massive wins.

They can be very simple in essence, yet the prospect of a life changing win is enough to keep plenty of players interested in whatever happens next. World records have been set by slot games with this jackpot theme, such as the amount of money that they can offer.

From thousands of pounds to several million, a jackpot themed slot genuinely has the potential to change your life.

Progressive jackpots

Many jackpot slots use a progressive jackpot.

This particularly popular feature can be found widely across the slot game selection in the UK and beloved for one main reason. And that is, the potential for a big, big win.

Progressive jackpots grow as players spin the reels, ranging from a humble beginning to a huge peak. In essence, the more you play, the more you could win, as you wager more money or simply stack up the wins to help that potential jackpot grow.

Again, progressive jackpots have been behind some record-breaking wins both in the UK and across the world. The unpredictability of a progressive jackpot adds for a sense of serious excitement. She can be a cruel mistress the progressive jackpot, but can also be the best thing to happen to slot games since Liberty Bell.

What does RTP mean?

The best payout online slots does not just refer to the amount of money that one can win off of one spin, but also the likelihood of winning.

Aligned with gambling rules in this country, UK slots must show at RTP amount. This Return To Player percentage shows how likely the player is to win. While this does not show an indication of how much a player can win on a spin, it does show how playing a low odds slot can help you conure up a few smaller wins on your way.

When shopping around for an online slot game to play, the choice can be a little bit crazy at times. There really are so many titles to choose from, and it can be hard to pick just one. Weighing up the RTPs of each game is a good place to start if you want to do some research before putting your coins into a slot game. 

Best paying slots in the UK

Mega Joker

Here is a classic slot game with a retro feel. Mega Joker uses traditional card symbols on the reels and 5 win lines, making for what is a fairly simple slot.

It seems like there is nothing too spectacular about this slot until you realise that the RTP is a huge 99%. Wins may be small, but this is a safer bet as any in the UK’s online slot game scene. This high percentage is due to a bonus feature in the game known as super mode, in which increased bets have a good chance of coming home.

A NetEnt production, you can expect a high standard of quality when it comes to gameplay, animation and graphics with this title.

Starburst slots gameplay

Blood Suckers

A unique theme that involves some spooky vampires, combines with a high win rate of 98% in Blood Suckers.

Another NetEnt slot, the developer seems to have a knack for supplying popular, well-paying slots. Not only is the RTP very high in Blood Suckers, there is a wide range of bonus features on offer as well. Substituting wilds scatters that pay, a bonus game and a free spins feature with triple multipliers can be enjoyed in this slot game. There are so many slots promotions, it's hectic!


If you are after a slot game with a high RTP, then Starmania is another great choice - one of the best casino games. The extraterrestrial slot is developed by NextGen who have made a slot game with an RTP of 97.97% here. Stars provide the theme and the icons, with some gorgeous graphics on display. This is another game to combine a good payout rate with some great bonus features. You can expect to enjoy a free spins round in Starmania, something which only ever helps to gain further wins. Also, a Wild Bonus feature ups the wins even more, whereas a gamble feature lowers your odds but increases your potential cash wins.

Mega Moolah

This world-famous slot game is a tough one to crack, but can literally be the best paying slot in the UK. Someone once won £17 million playing this progressive jackpot slot that really can provide some mega moolah.