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Best Online Slots to Play

There are so many best slots to play for you to play that we thought it would be helpful for you to read about the best-loved games and the reasons why they are the most popular. You can find out heaps of information about the top five online slots to play just by reading below:

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Le Kaffee bar

Easy for you to find and play on popular sites such as MustardBet, Casino Room, Colt Casino, 32Red Roxy Palace, and so many more safe casino sites, you will soon see why this is such a popular game.  In fact, there are currently 198 casinos offering you the option of being able to play Le Kaffee Bar online so you won’t be short of places to be able to play it.


This is a low variance style best casino slot games and has an impressive RTP of 96.51% so the likelihood of you be able to win a substantial cash prize is high.  You can use this online slots game to bet various sizes of wages and there are 243 different ways in which you can win with anyone spin on the reel.  Excitingly, there is always a chance of you being able to win the big jackpot too, of £85,000.


Set in an attractive style hipster coffee shop, there are three characters for you to become well acquainted with along the way.  The betting reel is created out of a chalkboard as if you were going to be ordering some swanky coffee off the menu but instead, there are 5 reels spinning frantically trying to help you to win an exciting amount of cash.  We love coffee, yes, but winning big chunks of cash is even more exciting, right?  Nevertheless, it is all about the coffee in this game.  Collect as many coffee cups as you can in order to be able to trigger the multiplier and increase your winning dramatically.  The most impressive amount of money that you can win in any one go is 2833 times your initial stake – pretty impressive for a game considered to only pay out small cash prizes!

le kaffee bar


There are lots of different symbols involved in Le Kaffee Bar for you to keep your eyes open for and attempt to align in the best way possible.  The baristas and the lady drinking a cup of coffee are the symbols which pay out the best, though you can still win good prizes by aligning cupcakes, coffee mugs, and card suits, too.  To win these prizes, you must match a minimum of three up to a maximum of five of the same symbol at any one time.  You can also increase your chances by looking out for bonuses, free spins, and more.


If you are looking for a fun and relaxing slots game to play on which is really simple to participate in but has a high chance of you winning cash prizes, this is the place to be!


Fluffy Favourites

Fluffy, fantastic and fun, is there any wonder why this is slots game is one of the most frequently played on the casino market?  If you love cute and cuddly animals of different colors and personalities, then this is the game for you.  Just like the stuffed animal toys you are stereotypically able to win at the fairground, these Fluffy Favourites all symbolize a different winning ability for online players.  The rewards increase as the number of the same symbols increase.  Favorite features of this video slots game are toybox pick bonuses, free games, and the gamble feature.  But what do these entail?


Toybox pick bonuses kick in to action when the scattered claw symbol is aligned three or more times in one spin of the reel.  For each claw you are able to align, you are given one free chance to multiply your original wager by 100.  No matter what your original wager amount, this can add up to substantial cash.  For instance, if your original wager was £1, then you could see a £100 return.


When playing Fluffy Favourites, it is always a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for the famous pink elephants.  Every time you are able to align three or more pink elephants, you will be entitled to a minimum of 15 free spins.  This will help you to be able to win substantial amounts of free cash without having to spend any of your own credit to be able to get your hands on the prize.  The maximum number of pink elephants you can align at any one time is five and this will enable 25 free games to be activated with all winning lines being tripled in value at the same time.


An added feature of Fluffy Favourites enjoyed by players more open to risk taking is that of the gamble feature.  When this kicks in, you are able to choose whether or not you would like to take a risk and gamble as to whether you will succeed at reaching double your money or risk losing whatever you have left.  It’s really easy to play and is not set out to trip you up but is there to help you increase your funds significantly.


Fluffy Favourites can be played by anyone with any financial means as the minimum bet is 1p and the maximum possible win is £2,500.  Yes, the potential win may be lower than other slots casinos online but the likelihood of you actually being able to win a significant chance of this money is so high because of the 95.3% RTP.  With 5 reels and 25 paylines, there are so many different ways in which you can win yourself so money that you will never want to say goodbye to your Fluffy Favourites for too long, and as this popular game can be played on your Smartphone, tablet or desktop, there’s no reason why you should.


Chilli Heat

A wise person once said “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen” and it must have been at this time that Chilli Heat was created because this game is on fire!  With all the things you love best about Mexico all involved in the same game, there are so many things to love about this video slots game.  From the adorable little man playing his guitar and wearing his trusty sombrero, to the tequila shots and the flaming chili’s, burning because they are just too hot to handle.  There is something for every player to be enthralled by with this game, from the fun graphics to the humorous characters, and if nothing else, you will get an impressive sense of warmth and holiday vibes just from playing this online game.


You can’t get much hotter than playing Chilli Heat, with the Mexican theme and beautiful street styled background, the real fiesta won’t get started until you join in.  There are five reels for you to play with and 25 different paylines for you to aim to take advantage of.  Whilst you play, look out for special symbols which can help you to win larger sums of cash and even the big jackpot which has been known to be an enormous £125,000 in one lump sum.  There are wilds and free spins for you to try and gather which will change the value of the represented symbols as you play.  When these symbols show up, the monetary value of the winnings they create is substantially multiplied, so this is a good thing to be aware of.  If you are lucky enough to chance upon a sizzling re-spins round, the aim is for you to get your hands on as many of the piñata symbols as you possibly can in any one reel spin.  This means that you are able to win larger amounts of cash for prizes and have a much greater likelihood of being able to win the jackpot, which of course is on every player's mind.


Open for everyone to be in with a chance of winning big jackpot prize money, you can be in with your chance of winning by placing a minimum wager of just 25p.  Even placing the lowest value wager will still leave you in the running to be able to win the maximum jackpot prize of £125,000.  Chilli Heat is a slots game of medium variance and has been brought to you by the well-known and successful brand of Pragmatic Play.  There are many reasons why Chilli Heat is one of the most frequently played slots casino games currently in the UK, not only because of the large available jackpot, or the high RTP rate of 96.5%, or the fun fiesta theme.  Players also love to play this game because there might just be a little four legged character they love to take their chances on, too.  Do you know who we are talking about?  If not, you might just have to start playing Chilli Heat today in order to find out for yourself.

chilli heat


Reaching for the stars has always been known as a way of being successful, but strangely with this game, there are no actual stars involved despite the title.  This is a longstanding much loved game as it is in its eighth year of play and never seems to go out of fashion with its loyal following fan base.  This popularity may be due to the fact that players are often offered to participate in specific and very worthwhile promotions such as the free spins offers for regular players and there are frequent welcome offers for new players to entice newbies in to giving Starburst a go.


The main concept behind Starburst is actually rather a simple one but that means that it is so very accessible to anyone who wants to play it.  There are 10 paylines and 5 reels and the theme is that of a traditional arcade style game which many players are more than familiar with.  But with so much to focus your attention on, you will not be looking at the backdrop, as attractive as it is, as there are so many sparkling icons to keep your attention focused solely on the reels.


This is a very eye catching and mesmerizing game as there are so many beautiful jewels to keep your attention.  You want to aim to kick off the wilds feature if at all possible so that the received winnings can increase substantially.  This may be a game of low variance, but that does not mean to say that the winnings cannot be hugely beneficial.  Starburst has an RTP rate of 96.09% and bets can be placed anywhere between 1p and £100, with a house edge of just 3.9%, you’re already one step ahead of the casino as the rates are in your favor.


NetEnt are a very popular game developer and have shown through the use of Starburst that games don’t have to be overly complicated in order to be popular, loved and keep the attention of players on many different playing levels.  The most exciting thing for you to look out for if you haven’t played Starburst before, is the sticky wilds re-spin feature.  This takes the wilds from the middle three reels in to consideration only because they will expand over the entire game and will enable you to increase your winnings for three consecutive spins.  This isn’t the only interesting or exciting feature when playing Starburst but it is certainly the most lucrative way of winning big cash at speed.


There is no progressive feature used in Starburst, but as you have already read, this doesn’t mean that winnings are limited financially.  Actually, you may like to know that the biggest jackpot you can win is that of £50,000 and if all you used was 1p in order to gain this, then it will be the best and luckiest penny you’ve ever spent!  Increase your likelihood of winning this big jackpot by aiming for the special expanding wild bonuses, also known as stickies, and Lady Luck might just play in to your hands.


Pirate Gold

Want to keep up with the latest games online which seem to have gone down well with players online?  Why not take a look at the Pirate Gold slots game which was launches only weeks ago but has taken off already.  With a Jack Sparrow equivalent sailing the seas with his girlfriend pirate in tow, there are lots of stereotypically pirate associated goodies for you to keep your eyes peeled for.  There are bags of money, the hand of captain hook and a treasure map or two for you to find on your journey with Pirate Gold slot!

Take to the seas with your fellow pirates and see if you can win yourself the massive jackpot of nearly £6.5 million.  You can test your lucky by playing on any form of mobile device and start your initial wager from as little as 40p to be in with a chance of winning big.  You will enjoy playing this game because of the story line, the backdrop, the sound effects and all of the added extras that help you to increase your winnings along the way.  It’s a high variance game but it does have a 96.5% RTP rate so your winning chances are very high, too.

Brought to you by the team at Pragmatic Play, Pirate Gold is a 40 payline game which has 5 reels for you to focus your attention on.  The highest paying symbols are the pirates, but there is also substantial money to be won by aligning the maps, coins, and parrot symbols as well.  You need to match a minimum of two symbols to be in with a chance of winning any cash prize and you can match up to five of the identical symbol.  Obviously, as with most slots games, the more of the same symbol you manage to match, the more money you will win in return.  As the pirate characters themselves will create 12.5 times your initial wager as their pay out, these are the symbols you want to aim to match for the bigger returns.

Looking in to bonus features on Pirates Gold, it is the bags of money that triggers this feature in to action.  If you are lucky enough to be able to align eight money bags at the same time, then you will be able to play the lucky treasure bag bonus feature game.  This entitles you to three free spins where you can win cash prizes without having to spend any of your credit in order to do so.  Another way to gain free spins is to land yourself with three symbols representing scatter.  When you are in luck and are able to do this, you win in multiple ways: your initial win money from placing the scatter symbols, and then you win 10 free spins, where you are more than likely to win more cash prizes.  Also, with there being three different sizes of jackpot bag in this online slots game, it’s no wonder you’re not the only pirate digging for much needed buried treasure on this game!  With figures in to millions at stake, you would be a fool not to give this game a go and see if you can uncover the gold.