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Much like our known universe, the online casino industry is constantly expanding before our eyes. As a result, there are more exciting casino games than ever, available to play at the touch of a button.

Players who have always loved going to a land-based casino are increasingly turning to the online setting to enjoy the thrills from home. But it is not just the convenience of playing from home that has made the online casino business so enthralling.

There are heaps of great online casino bonuses no deposit up for grabs for players who want to get a little more bang for their buck. The only problem is knowing where to find these bonuses and sniffing out a good one from a bad one.

Many players will have come across no deposit bonuses and wondered what they are all about. So, if you are keen to read more about how to recognise the best online casino bonuses, including no deposit bonuses, then you have come to the right place!

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What are Online Casino No Deposit Bonuses?

Broadly, online casino bonuses refer to any promotions available to players that offer them deals such as free spins and bonus credit. They often come in the form of welcome offers which offer incentives for customers to join a particular casino. Online casino bonuses are also dished out to current customers to maintain their interest and reward their loyalty.

No deposit offers are one type of casino bonus available to players. They work a little differently as you do not have to deposit funds to your casino account to claim them and start playing for real cash. Rather, you can gain bonus funds just by signing up to a casino or using a code.

This means that whether you are using free spins for slot machine games, or bonus credit for other types of online casino games such as Blackjack or Roulette, your plays are totally risk free. Therefore, this offers a great opportunity to try out some new games and land some exciting wins.

Playing with No Deposit Online Casino Bonuses in the UK

UK Casinos are great for finding online casino bonuses more broadly. This is because there is lots of competition between casinos, meaning there are lots of incentives on offer to try and secure your valued custom.

No deposit online casino bonuses, on the other hand, have dwindled in the UK in recent years. This is due largely to changes in tax legislation in 2017. Since then, operators have had to pay more tax on any bonus credit or spins they dish out to players.

Nonetheless, there are still no deposit casino offers out there in UK online casinos, they are just likely to come with some limitations. Other casino bonuses that do require you to make a deposit are just about everywhere. It then just comes down to which games you want to play and which casinos you like the look of!

Can you win real money with No Deposit Online Bonuses?

Absolutely! Online casino bonuses wouldn’t be much use if they didn’t offer real money prizes. That being said, there are restrictions that come with no deposit casino bonuses that you should be aware of. These terms and conditions vary across different offers, so be sure to check out the small print before diving in!

Although you can win real money with no deposit casino bonuses, there may be limitations on how much you can win. For example, free spins awarded to play on slot games could come with a capped amount you can win per spin. The same goes for bonus credit used on table casino games. Furthermore, often you don’t get to choose the game you use the bonus credit on.

Terms & Conditions

Another key restriction with no deposit online casino bonuses is wagering requirements. Although wagering requirements are commonplace and also exist for casino bonuses you get when you make a deposit, they are often stricter with no deposit deals.

Wagering requirements essentially refer to an amount of money the player has to wager before they can withdraw any winnings from casino bonuses. The requirements are typically expressed as a multiplier – 40x would mean the player would need to stake 40x the amount they won before they can withdraw.

Why do we have wagering requirements? While they may seem far from ideal, wagering requirements are necessary to combat criminal activity at online casinos. They also ensure the casino gets a fair deal, as it cannot afford to dish out cash all the time! The requirements vary, so be sure to shop around to get a good deal that doesn’t impact your winnings too much.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses vs Deposit Required Bonuses

As well as no deposit bonuses, there are bonuses which activate once you make a deposit with the casino. You could find yourself with 50% bonus credit or a bunch of free spins on top of the funds you added to your account.

We mentioned that wagering requirements were often less strict on bonuses where you have made a deposit. This is because the casino has already received some custom off of you. But as well as reduced wagering requirements, there are numerous other benefits of playing with deposit required casino bonuses.

  • Often a greater number of free spins
  • Greater choice of eligible games
  • Higher cash prizes per stake
  • More regularly available for existing customers

Top-Rated Casino Bonus Offers UK

So, what can you actually expect to see when browsing bonus offers? There are a few main offers that you will either see on casino sites themselves, or on websites aggregating different offers.

Free Spins

Free spins can be played on slot games and give you the chance to spin the reels without the risk. Their value is usually the minimum stake but if you can grab a few of them you could make a tidy profit!

Bonus Credit

Bonus credit works in percentages. For example, an offer could give you 50% bonus credit when you make a £20 deposit. Sites will sometimes offer different percentages on your first, second and third deposits, so the fun keeps going a little longer!

Sometimes bonus credit and free spins offers are blended together:

  • 50 Free Spins + £20 Bonus Credit
  • 20 Free Spins + £100 Bonus Credit


Reload bonuses are one form of bonus credit. Essentially, if you make a deposit with an online casino, they will match your deposit with bonus funds. Of course, this does not apply with no deposit bonuses.


Cashback bonuses are great for long-term players. It’s all very well received a welcome offer but what happens when that all dries up? Loyalty cashback gives players a cut of their deposits back as real cash every time they play eligible games.

High roller

Think of the other bonuses, but bigger! High rollers are notorious casino players who throw a lot of money around. Once in a while we want to grab a big bonus ourselves, so if you make a big first deposit you could get extra bonuses.

How to Access the Best Online Casino Bonuses in 2021?

As mentioned previously, bonuses can be found listed on the online casinos directly, or on external sites that help you browse different offers. Once you have found one you like the look of, we recommend you read the terms and conditions thoroughly before proceeding.

Eligibility varies, with some bonuses available after making a deposit of a certain amount, such as £20. Some no deposit offers will still require you to do something before receiving your rewards, for example ‘Free Spins on card registration’, or ‘Free Spins on sign up.’

Generally though, the process will look something like this:

  1. Locate an online casino bonus offering free spins or bonus credit.
  2. Head to the online casino and click the ‘sign up’ or ‘registration’ button.
  3. Enter your details and verify your identity with the casino.
  4. Head to your account page to see your rewards.
  5. Check eligible games and start playing with your bonus funds.

Winning Real Money with Top Casino Bonuses

Players will need to verify their identities before withdrawing any winnings from casino bonuses. After that, the withdrawal process is quick and straightforward.

The last thing to remember is to always play responsibly. Online casinos are great entertainment for so many people but should not be seen as an income or anything more than fun. Take regular breaks from playing and set aside a dedicated bankroll that you are happy to lose if it is not your day – even the experts can’t hit the jackpots every time!

Last Thoughts

At the end of the day, which bonuses take your fancy is entirely up to you! Simply have a browse and see which offers are targeted to your favourite games. You won’t win every time, but bonuses do offer some extra value for money. Good luck out there and remember to have fun!