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Best Methods of Winning on Fruit Machines

Fruit machines may seem simple from the outside, but that doesn't mean you should go in without a plan. You might be surprised to know that there are a number of variables to consider before you start playing.

Take a step into any best slot site casino or online slot game website and you will be overwhelmed with choice. But don’t be fooled – not all top-rated slot games online are created equal. Some have a multitude of bonus features: free spins, bonus rounds and loyalty features, to name a few. Some offer life-changing jackpots, while others offer frequent wins. But with so many options, which do you choose?

     Well the answer is - which is the most fun for you?

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Method 1: Bonus Feature Fishing

We all love a bonus feature. Who would say no to a free spin? That’s why online slots are teeming with bonus features to draw us in and keep us coming back for more.

If you take up Method 1, you are someone who enjoys:

  • A more entertaining experience
  • Loyalty rewards
  • Freebies
  • Potentially worse odds in exchange for that ‘extra chance’

But don’t leave finding the best bonus features to chance. It’s well worth the time spent researching the slots with the best, most generous bonuses in order to win.

With just a quick Google you can find which slot games have the best bonuses. As well as this, you can decide which bonus features are going to be the most enjoyable for you. Don't just settle for free spins, look out for multipliers and bonus rounds too.

Multipliers will – as the name suggests – multiply your winnings by a predetermined figure. Bonus rounds will offer another free turn, which could really up your odds of winning.

Another feature that you should look out for is the skills-based bonus round. This is quite special in the world of slots, as slot machines are by nature non-strategy games. This means it is impossible to gain a mathematical advantage over the House on a typical fruit machine. With skills-based bonus rounds, however, you can tip the odds in your favour (if just for a few minutes) and increase your chance of walking home with a win.

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Method 2: No Frills, Just Rewards

If you’re serious about improving your odds and would much rather exchange bonus content for the opportunity to do so, then the no-frills method might work for you.

Someone who takes up Method 2 will prefer:

  • Plain betting with improved odds
  • A more traditional gaming experience

While bonus features can certainly offer many advantages when playing games, they often come at a price. In order to balance out the any losses accrued by the advantages that bonus features offer, some machines and games may offer lower odds or pay-outs.

It’s also worth noting that bonus features exist for a reason – to attract you to that particular machine. And it’s always in the casino’s best interest to attract players to their games that have a greater House Edge.

For Method 2 then you will bypass the fruit machines with a high number of reels and bonus features in favour of the more traditional, 3-reel fruit machine experience. Make sure you do your research and choose a game with a high RTP – if the return to player rate is higher, then the House Edge will be lower. This method may be a more ‘boring’ experience in terms of gameplay, but you will be safe in the knowledge that you are not sacrificing your odds for any extra ‘frills’.

Method 3: The Bankroll Extender

The more frugal gambler who wants to get the most out of their bankroll will likely benefit from this method.

Method 3 is suitable for someone who wants:

  • Smaller wins in exchange for more frequent rewards
  • More plays for their money
  • A more sustainable playing experience that reduces long-term loss as much as possible

This method is all about impulse control, and getting more for your money. The first thing to need to do is find the lowest denomination machine that you enjoy playing. Bypass the standard £1 machines in favour of penny slots. With this simple change you have extended your amount of plays tenfold.

It’s also well worth doing some research. If you are planning on playing slots over a period of time – even those low denomination slots – then you will need to find the ones with the highest Return to Player rates (RTP). A quick Google search will get you lists upon lists of games compiled by RTP. Choose ones in the high nineties to reduce your overall losses.

You might also want to consider joining the slot club. This costs nothing and can result in better long-term rewards in exchange for your loyalty. Don’t be afraid to sign up, assuming it’s free.

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Method 4: The Risky Gambler

If you just can’t resist the thought of huge jackpots – and don’t mind going against the odds – then method 4 is more your style.

Someone who approaches slots with Method 4 will enjoy:

  • All-or-nothing style betting
  • The promise of a huge jackpot
  • Infrequent rewards and poor RTP rates in exchange for the chance of a big win

You could see this method as the opposite of Method 3. So be warned: it can burn a hole in your pocket very quickly, and won’t necessarily result in the big win.

But at the end of the day, many people are in gambling for the risk factor. If you want a chance at the big jackpot, then who’s to say it’s not worth the risk?

Look for high volatility slots. These are the games that you find yourself winning less frequently, that keep you coming back under the promise of an insanely high jackpot. You might want to research some popular progressive slots in which the jackpot increases each time someone new plays. These types of slots are much less predictable, and - despite their poor winning odds - have been known to give lifechanging wins to some lucky individuals.


So now you know some of the best methods for approaching fruit machines. While there is widespread contention over which is the most effective, only one thing is for sure – slots are just games like any other, and you have to choose the ones that are the most fun for you.