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Best Live Casino Games to Play

Live Casino Games

Top Live Casino Games To Play

The popularity of live casino games are on the rise with some of the best casino slot games giving multi-million jackpot prizes! And we don’t see their popularity dwindling anytime soon. They are attracting so many players, as they have the power to create a real casino atmosphere. All without leaving your own home! There are so many games out there to choose from! This can be confusing and overwhelming! But never fear! We have complied a list (not comprehensive, of course) of our best live casino games. So get ready to find your new favourite game and follow this link to check if there are any cool casino promotions for you!

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What makes a great live casino game?

This is a difficult question to answer! This is because everyone is different as casino games are, varying from best UK online slots to live blackjack. This means that players place importance and value on different things. When deciding what our best games are, we have taken some key features into consideration. We have looked out for excellent graphics and streaming quality. This enhances the players’ enjoyment to no end. Whats the point in playing a subpar game? We have also kept an eye on the bonus features that the game has to offer. Also the betting options and wagers. Theme is important as well. But mostly we want to see developers putting their creative hats on! Read on for our list of live casino games that have an edge over others in the industry.

Immersive Live Roulette

This game is developed by Evolution Gaming, and it is one of the highest regarded games out there. Players love it! Standard roulette rules are in play, with 30 seconds as the time between spins. The minimum bet is £1.00 and the maximum is £10,000. This game has potential for big wins! But keep in mind this could vary from casino to casino. The game also allows for Neighbour bets and Special bets. So what makes this game so good? It provides excellent statistics of your past spins. This is essential to those players that want to devise a strategy for their game. This game is also special because of its camera angles. There are 200 frames per second, all in glorious HD for your viewing pleasure. It’s actually cinematic level picture quality. Plus there’s a slow motion replay when the ball comes to rest. Also the Chat with Dealer feature is particularly good. The dealer’s definitely know what they are doing! Plus some of them are really friendly and chatty. This gives the game an authentic and sociable feel. You feel like you are in a land based casino. If this is what you’re into then it will certainly boost your mood! This game is award winning! It was awarded the EGR's Game of the Year 2014. This game is truly immersive. Evolution Gaming have created an innovative and unique experience for the players. They have raised the bar to a whole new level.

Live Sic Bo by Microgaming

This game is developed by Microgaming. This game is a dice game, with a beautiful Asian design. You’ll find golds and bright reds gracing the screen! The theme makes this game special already! It has an excellent betting range, from £0.5 to £360. This means pretty much anyone can play this game! But keep in mind this can vary from casino to casino. The video and audio quality is on another level! You have the option to place duel bets, and each one will be resolved separately. The game also gives you your statistics and game round history. This is handy for those players wanting to devise a strategy or improve their gameplay. Overall, this game has a strong exclusivity to it. It feels this way because of its cool theme. Microgaming have created a simple and elegant game. It would suit beginners and experienced gamers alike.

Live Baccarat Squeeze by Evolution

This game is developed by Evolution Gaming. It is popular with both experienced and new players! This table game is simple to follow, and that’s always a bonus! There are betting areas for both the player and banker. These are easy to spot as they are in sparkling white headings! You’ll find the red player tile on the left of the screen. Of course, the table is the main focus of the game! So what makes this game special? We love the tradition behind this game, but Evolution Gaming have ensured that it is a seamless transition to a live online version. What makes this game stand out the most is its exceptional visual quality. This does not differ on whatever device you choose to play this game on. You can expect perfection. Plus there’s an option for 3D view! We love the bright colours of the game, as well. Also they give you a sneaky peek of the card before it’s fully turned over! This is unique feature of the game.  We like this extra touch! We would expect nothing less from this fantastic live gaming developer.

Final thoughts on the Best Live Casino Games 

There are so many benefits to live casino gaming! Of course, the main one is that you can play them anywhere with a good internet connection. Live casino gaming is so accessible now. But as we know, there are so many options out there. Developers are coming up with more inventive and innovative ideas every year. Any games that we have listed are worth a go! But it all depends on what you value the most from your live games. For instance, we have looked at titles with the best betting options and wagers. We have also considered the bonuses of the game and the quality of the visuals. If we had to pick a favourite it would be Sic Bo by Microgaming. We like developers to get a bit creative! We love the colour scheme and the theme. Plus we like that it’s so accessible to new and experienced players. But this is just our opinion! So go out there and discover for yourself what’s on offer! What are you waiting for? Try a live casino game today! We are sure you’ll have an enjoyable and unique gaming experience.

To find out more about how to play live casino games follow the link above, so you don’t get caught off guard by other players!