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Best 10 Slingo Slots

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Online slots are great games that offer players exciting features. Bingo games are also excellent with their exciting layouts and gameplay. When these two great games come together, you get the Slingo slots. The best Slingo slots offer players distinctive paylines, among other exciting bonus features like extra spins, jokers, free spins, and multipliers. These Slingo games have pleasant graphics and harmonious soundtracks to complement them to better player’s gaming experience. Here we will walk you through all the best Slingo slots that will leave you spellbound as you play them on Easy Slots! Up to 1,000% match slingo slots bonus could be yours if you deposit £10 (Full Ts & Cs Apply).

Slingo Slot




1. Slingo Rainbow Riches



Joker, Cash Crop, Wishing Well, Magic Toadstool, Pots Of Gold, Road To Riches, Magic Toadstool, Road To Riches Red

2. Slingo Extreme Slot



Free Spins, Joker Bonus, Super Jokers

3. Slingo XXXtreme



Unlimited Extra Spins, Joker Bonus, Scatter Bonus, Joker

4. Slingo Centurion



Prizes on Parade, Road to Rome, Reelus Maximus, and Caesar Free Spins

5. Slingo Cascade



Free Spins, Cherub,

6. Slingo Starburst



Extra Spins, Starburst Win Spins

7. Britain’s Got Talent Slingo



Free Spins, Extra Spins, Joker Bonus

8. Slingo Fluffy Favourites



Hook A Fluffy, Nellie Extra Spins, Coin Pusher Bonus, Toy Grabber Bonus

9. Deal or No Deal Slingo



Unlimited Extra Spins, Joker, free spins

10. Slingo Fortunes



Free Spins, Extra Spins, Cash Prizes, Joker

Later on, we will briefly examine all the above top 10 Slingo games.

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Criteria for Choosing Best Slingo Slots

Getting the best Slingo themed slots to play can be an arduous task. They all seem to be fantastic games with interesting but unique features. We have not only compiled the best Slingo slots for your perusal in this section, but we are also going to walk you through the different factors we put into consideration for choosing the best Slingo slot UK.

  • Bonus Features: Bonuses are commonplace for all Slingo slots UK. While all Slingo games have a set of incentives in common, the ones here provide players with more. The rewards bettors get on some classic Slingo symbols are increased. In some cases, the cash prizes are multiplied by five. Also, other bonuses are included to fit in with the specific theme a Slingo game has.
  • Variance & RTP: These are essential features we consider as they are the percentage of payouts and how often it comes. The best Slingo slots have a minimum of 95% RTP, which gives players more than a fair chance to win. Also, the Slingo slots UK cuts across all three types of variances, similarly to jackpot slot games. The low volatility means players get a very consistent payout howbeit, small, the medium means you get consistent but small payouts sometimes, and other times, you get high payouts. The high volatility is reserved for high-risk rollers as payouts are rare, but they are usually high when they come. With the variances of the best Slingo slot this diverse, you get to pick the one that suits your taste.
  • Extra Spins: Most of Slingo's online slots have limited extra spins you can purchase after a game. However, we have compiled the Best Slingo online slot UK that offers players unlimited extra spins through adequate research. For punters wary of addiction, we have also included two fantastic Slingo games that, even though they have limited extra spins purchase, do indeed have many excellent bonuses.
  • Accessibility: One thing that sets a good game aside from the rest is how accessible it is for players. Either you are an on-the-go player, or you like playing on a PC or tablet, the best Slingo UK gives players all-around access regardless of where or what platform they are using. Hence, nothing is keeping you from playing anywhere and anytime you want.
  • Free Play: Although it has been around for over two decades now, finding your way around the game might be confusing, especially when you play Slingo real money. Slingo free play is available for players who are still trying to find their way around this game. Players can have a risk-free play at Easy Slots by just signing up. This is specifically for good for those looking to sharpen their skills

Top 10 Slingo Online Slots

We offer over 30 Slingo slots on Easy Slots, but the below 10 slingo slots are the most popular amongst our audience and meet all our set criteria for stardom.

Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches is a 5 by 5 Irish-themed slot that offers the best of both the world of online slot and bingo. It is embellished with luscious green valleys, meadows filled with blossoming flowers, and brightly colored red button mushrooms. This Slingo slot has 12 paylines, and it’s packed with 7 bonus features. Players get 10 free spins at the start of the game to give you a chance to partake in any of these bonus rounds. Bonuses are activated with a minimum of 5 Slingos. Here, you can amass free spins and enjoy multipliers that could boost your winnings. With a free spin, you can win a whopping sum of £193,250. Low and high-roller bettors are welcomed to play here as a spin can cost between £0.50 and £200. Another great thing to know about Slingo Rainbow Riches is its 95.6% RTP and high volatility. These give players a great chance of winning something worthwhile when playing Slingo Rainbow Riches, especially in the long term.

Slingo Extreme Slot

Suppose the original Slingo version is interesting to you. Then, get ready to get your mind blown as Slingo Extreme turns up the heat with a jackpot of well over £50,000. This fast-paced game is complimented with a rock n’ roll soundtrack that will keep the mood alive. You can find typical Slingo symbols like Super Jokers, Free spins symbols, the Devil, coins, and of course, Jokers here. Punters get a Slingo if they are lucky enough to get five or more numbers in a row, and with this, Full House can win you 500 times your initial stake. There is a sizable number of bonuses that can make your stay here fun and profitable. While playing, you can trigger the joker bonus by landing Super Jokers – 3 jokers, and it can get you an instant cash prize.

On the other hand, the free spins are given each time you land the “Free Spin” symbol. Despite being extreme, Slingo Extreme is a low volatility game with an RTP of 95%, which means you are assured of small but consistent winnings. After each game, you can also purchase limited extra spins. Slingo Extreme Slot can be played on PCs and smartphones at Easy Slots, so on-the-go bettors wouldn’t have to be constrained.

Slingo Xxxtreme

Turns out Slingo Extreme isn’t bringing enough hit for you? How about you take it a notch by turning the heat thrice as hot? Players have 11 spins at the start of the game, and for every 5 identical numbers marked off in a row, they progress in the ladder of rewards. The game doesn’t have 3 “Xs” for nothing, as you can win up to 1,000 times your initial stake. Not Xxxtreme enough for you? Check this out; players can purchase an unlimited number of extra spins at the end of the main game. So, it's never over until you win. Also, scatter bonus, and Joker Bonus can give bettors up to 5x multiplier while playing and a cash prize, respectively. Slingo Xxxtreme has low variance and an RTP of 95%.

Slingo Centurion

Slingo Orginal, in partnership with Inspired Gaming, brings about this electrifying adaptation of Centurion. Lead your team up the ladder of glory as you combat the devils who want nothing but to see you fail by blocking off identical numbers on the grid. This Julius Caesar-era-themed slot, however, has got everything players need to combat him. There are many bonus features like Prizes on Parade, Road to Rome, Reelus Maximus, and Caesar free spins to help you along the way. This Slingo Centurion has 20 paylines with 95% RTP. The graphics here are excellent, with a muscular Centurion emerging every time from the bushes to announce bonuses. The soundtrack also prepares punters for the battle they are about to embark on in this high variance game.

Slingo Cascade

This is a medium volatility Slingo game that has a fair RTP of 95%. While these seem like industry-standard features, Slingo Cascade holds something more in stock for players. This pirate-themed slot will get you hunting for treasure amidst the reels. The game begins with just 9 spins that give you a respin for every matching reel. Be ready for an exploding barrel when you match 5 identical numbers on the reel with those on the grid to make a Slingo. Having this happen will reveal a new number that gives you higher winning chances. This Slingo slot has 20 paylines, and it's perfect for low to mid-level rollers as the bet range is between £0.20 and £25. Each one of these spins can earn you a generous £58,512. To enhance your gaming experience, Easy slots offers free spins and cash bonuses to players to play their favorite Slingo game. (Full Ts & Cs Apply)

Slingo Starburst

What happened when two renowned software developers worked on one of the most popular online slots in the industry? Easy! You get Slingo Starburst. NetEnt, in collaboration with Slingo Originals, fuses Starburst slot with the power of Slingo. This glittery online slot has impressive graphics to match its melodic soundtrack. This game has 12 playlines alongside generous bonuses like the Win Spins, which you can get any time you hit “Collect” or at the end of a session. The game starts with 10 spins, and if a player can get a Full House, such player is eligible for re-spins to earn cash prizes. Also, there are chances of a spin winning you up to £9,258, which is perfect since the minimum bet is £0.10 and the maximum is £100. Slingo Starburst has an above-average RTP of 96.50% and medium variance.

Britain’s Got Talent Slingo

Experience the stage and spotlight as you show off your talent with Britain’s Got Talent Slingo. There is over £20,000 jackpot got superstar wins amongst other cash prizes. This game 5 reels game has 12 paylines and was created in collaboration with Freemantle. There are lots of exciting bonuses players can trigger as they climb up the ladder for better winnings. Free spins and multiplier prizes are awarded for hitting a Slingo, and if you hit a Full House, you get an applauding 200 times your initial bet. Also, a free spin can get you up to £3,339. After each game, punters can purchase limited extra free spins to improve their fighting chance. BGT Slingo is a low variance game with 95% volatility, meaning bettors get consistent small winnings that can add up to something great. When these are combined with the juicy bonus features, the amount you can win is boundless. So, do you have what it takes to win this talent show?

Slingo Fluffy Favorites

This 95.5% online slot offers players 12 paylines with lots of unique bonuses. The game is a fantasy-themed game that features cute teddies and merry-looking animals like the Clown Fish, Lion, Duck, Hippopotamus, rhinoceros, tortoise, and the star of the game - Nellie, the elephant. You can win up to 10 free ball if you land the minimum of three nellies in this game. Even though the game has high volatility, its bet size is only suitable for low to medium better as it ranges between £0.20 to £25. The Coin Pusher Bonus offers players 2 or 5 coins when they have 6 or 7 Slingos. A coin, when dropped, can get Slingo Fluffy Favourites players up to 100 times their initial stake. Aside from this, the Toy Grabber Bonus and Hook a Fluffy promises players cash prizes that can even be multiplied by 5.

Slingo Deal or No Deal

This popular game show is adapted into a Slingo version to create a 95% high volatility slot game with 12 paylines. Here, the bingo grid is replaced with red boxes famed with the Deal or No Deal show. With every spin you take here, you open a lucky red or blue box that contains a secret reward. The game starts when a player picks a lucky box. Suppose such a player is about to get 4 Slingos. In that case, they can choose to keep climbing the ladder of rewards to win bigger prizes or take the Banker’s offer. one offer you should definitely take is to play Sling Deal or No Deal at Easy Slots. The casino offers players easy access to this Slingo slot. When it comes to bonuses, there are more than enough to choose from. (Full Ts & Cs Apply)

Slingo Fortunes

Head to Asia with this Chinese-inspired version of Slingo Deal or No Deal. The game starts with the wagerer picking one out of the 26 lucky red envelopes, and as they play, the punter needs to get a total of 12 Slingos. Multipliers, unlimited extra spins, and cash prizes are awarded in this game to improve your gaming experience. While the minimum bet of £1 can be on the high side, a spin can get you up to £43,438, and if you can get a lucky envelope, your winning can go up to £100,000.

Slingo Casinos in the UK

Slingo slot is a fast-rising genre of casino games. Hence, there are a plethora of casinos where you can play any of the best Slingo slots. However, when it comes down to it, choosing the best casino that offers excellent services regarding incentives, security and, accessibility can go a long way in improving your game experience and fun. This is why we recommend you play at Easy Slots.

When looking to choose a casino to gamble on, it’s always advised to go with ones that have been certified by at least one gaming authority. This is to ensure that all their actions are accounted for. Also, this, in a way, gives players a sense of protection against scammers. Another layer of protection bettors should look out for when choosing a casino is how secured the site is. Sensitive data like account information and financial details make gambling easy; hence, they are often targets of hackers and identity thieves. However, casinos combat this by providing world-class security to protect players’ data from third-party access.

Furthermore, since betting with real money requires that you make deposits at a point in time, there is a need to be sure that a casino has your preferred banking method. This prevents disappointment or future problems of withdrawal. Hence, a casino with many ways to deposit or withdraw has more perks than those that only offer fewer. Also, having several banking methods available gives players much flexibility.

Of all the things that we mentioned above, Easy Slots does not only fit the bills but also exceed expectation by offering slingo players mouthwatering bonuses:

  • Up to £1,000 match up bonus for new players (Full Ts & Cs Apply)
  • Up to 500 free spins weekly
  • Frequent cash drops
  • Monthly free spins and Weekly tournaments
  • Pay by mobile bill method
  • Mobile app and 30+ mobile slingo slots

You can Play these Slingo Slots too!

The best Slingo slot UK is sure to keep the fun going for all players that want this. Although the RTP might be industry standard, you can get even more excellent winnings given other incentives that come with playing them. There are near-endless possibilities when playing the best Slingo slots UK and that alone is enough thrill to keeping playing. When this is combined with playing at Easy Slots - known for doling out rewards that players can leverage - you are in for some fantastic gaming experience. Some other top-rated Slingo slots you can play on Easy Slots, other than the best ten listed above, are:

*New Players Only, £10 Min Fun, £1,000 Max Bonus, Max Bonus Conversion Equal to Lifetime Deposits (Up to £250), 65x Wagering Requirements and Full T&Cs Apply.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Win, etc.) mentioned in relation to the slot games are subject to change at any time.

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