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Are Scratch Cards Being Stopped?

Are Scratch Cards Being Stopped?

The UK National Lottery's structure is on the brink of a significant transformation. This metamorphosis chiefly encompasses the gradual discontinuation of scratch cards and 'instant win' games, sparking conversations among lottery aficionados across the nation. 

This shift is a strategic move by the new operator of the National Lottery, Allwyn. 

Allwyn's plans for the National Lottery involve a departure from scratch cards and 'instant win' games. This move aims to alleviate the societal consequences linked to these quick-play games, as clarified by Allwyn's Bid Chairman, Sir Keith Mills GBE, and Chairman-Elect Justin King. 

It's also worth noting that Camelot, the previous operator since the National Lottery's inception in 1994, had also started reducing the prominence of scratch cards by discontinuing all £10 scratch cards in 2019. 

Are Scratch Cards Being Stopped In The UK?

Yes, the transition away from scratch cards and 'instant win' games is indeed happening in the UK. Allwyn's strategy entails diverting more funds towards "Good Causes and the public purse", thereby reducing the focus on potentially hazardous quick-play games. 

This strategic realignment is a conscious effort to contribute positively to society while providing responsible and enjoyable gaming experiences for players. 

Is Camelot Stopping Scratch Cards?

While Camelot is no longer in control, it had previously started the trend of reducing the prevalence of scratch cards by discontinuing all £10 scratch cards in 2019. However, the shift towards draw-based games under Allwyn's management is expected to further decrease the prominence of scratch cards. 

Are Scratch Cards Gambling?

Despite the straightforward concept of scratch cards and the immediate outcome, they are indeed classified as gambling. This is because scratch card games involve staking money on games of chance, which is the very definition of gambling. 

The potential for addiction is genuine and severe, with tell-tale signs including general irritability, dishonesty about purchasing scratch cards, and a persistent urge to buy another one, often accompanied by feelings of guilt. Scratch cards are believed to be especially problematic in this sense, hence the move away from them. 

Can You Claim Old Scratch Cards?

The query around the claimability of out-of-date scratch cards is a common one. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Scratch cards in the UK, like lottery tickets, have a claim period of 180 days from the closure date. Failure to claim within this period renders the ticket or card invalid. 

Playing Scratch Cards Online

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Please gamble responsibly. Set a budget, stick to it, and never chase your losses.