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American vs European Wheel: Roulette wheel odds explained

American vs European Wheel: Roulette wheel odds explained

Roulette may be one of the most iconic, instantly recognisable game in the worlds of online and ‘in-house’ casino, but you might be surprised how little you know about it if you read this roulette guide.

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Did you know for example, that roulette wheels have slightly different layouts and different amounts of numbers in America compared to in Europe? Well, they do, as America proves that it is not just their use of the letter ‘z’ that they do differently on that side of the Atlantic.

What’s the difference between American and European Roulette Wheels?


The differing factors of top-rated slot games 2021 online are very easy to spot once you know, as where the US model of the wheel has two green segments - the zero and the double zero - the respective European model of the famous black and red wheel has just one green compartment, with just the one zero occupying it.

This means that a European wheel has 37 pockets and the American alternative has 38 pockets, making for differing odds. Quite simply, in attempt to explain the roulette wheel odds of both American and European wheels, the chances of picking one pocket and winning is 38 to 1 in America and 37 to 1 in Europe.

What with the greens acting as a safety blanket, the two respective wheels have the same odds when you are picking a single number, though, with that remaining at 35 to 1 odds. However, for these ambitious ‘straight bets’ as they are known, you are ever so slightly more likely to get it right in Europe.

In this continent, you stand a 2.7% chance of landing your chosen number when spinning a roulette wheel, compared to in America where your chances are marginally lower 2.63%. Despite this, the odds are the exact same thanks to that aforementioned safety of the green zeros on both wheels.

This marginal difference is held across all bets, with the likes of a 4 numbers bet, known as a square, being around 0.3% more likely to come off in Europe compared to our stateside cousins. For evens / odds bets, such as betting on the colour or the literal odd or even, European roulette has a 48.65% chance of landing compared to 47.37% when playing American Roulette. Want to learn the most repeated numbers in roulette? Click above!

House odds explained in American and European roulette…


With the differing odds, chances and amount of pockets on either reel, it is worth considering how that affects the house, your casino hosts, be they there in person or simply online. The house edge is the term used for the advantage that the casino has over it’s players, with these amounts also differing depending on which roulette wheel you are betting on.

Similar to the aforementioned, Europe’s roulette wheel is marginally more advantageous in favour of the player. This is due to the 2.7% house advantage that is represented in Europe, versus the 5.26% that the casino has over in the United States. Take this in mind before you decide on your preferred gaming casino best online slots 2020 sites.