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A Complete Guide to Live Casino

A Complete Guide to Live Casino

What is Live Casino

Love top slots sites? Love gaming? But do you also enjoy the comfort of your own home? Then look no further! Live casino gaming could be just what you’re looking for. Live casino gaming has really taken off in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. Read on for our guide to everything you need to know about live casino gaming. We tell you what it is, how and where to play it, who the main developers are and some popular live casino games! Basically we have done all of the research for you. You’re welcome!

If live games, however, are not your thing – you can always go straight to our top slot games list.

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What is Live Casino Gaming?

So what even is live casino gaming? Let us explain. It is basically going to a casino from your own home. But they can actually be even better. Live casinos can offer tables without limits and greater betting options. Some also offer lower buy in opportunities. Live casino games actually have a real person behind the game. They are dealing the cards or spinning the wheel, depending on which game you have chosen. The game is then played out live. There’s a whole load of different games you can play against the dealer. But if you fancy a game like Texas Holdem then you’ll play against other players. This is pretty cool because it gives live casinos games an edge over online casino games. They give you a level of human interaction. You can still talk to the dealer through the computer! This gives you an authentic gaming experience. It will definitely please the traditionalists out there! Tempted? Then you’ll need a fast internet connection, a device to play on and an account. It’s super simple! Read on to find out more detail about how to play these games.

Live Casino Gaming

How to play Live Dealer Casino Games

Like we said, you need a good internet connection and to create an account. Creating an account will help keep you organised. It allows you to keep track of your winnings, bankroll and times. It’s super simple, all you will need to provide is your address, phone number and email. You’ll also need to state your preferred currency, so it’s super easy to get your winnings! Depending on which casino you play with you may have to download the software in use before you can begin. This is beneficial to you, as it will provide you with a good standard of gameplay and graphics. Also this won’t require you to have such a fast internet connection.

The games all display a virtual control panel. This replaces the actual dealer that stands in front of you when you play land based casino games. You’ll find this panel at the top of your screen, and it is your main interaction in the game with the dealer. It provides you with all of the details you need. It also has virtual tip boxes for if you’re feeling generous! If ever you feel stuck or lost during the game you can access the instructions through this panel. This should provide you beginners out there with some reassurance. You can check you’re following the rules at any point during the game.

Live Casino Buy Ins

One of the benefits to live casino gaming is the limited financial commitment. It isn't the same as land based games. Live casino games have hugely lower buy ins. You can even bet on games for as low as £1.00! Sure, you won’t win big but this is great for beginners or gamers on a budget! But some online casinos have live games that have no maximum buy ins or bets. This will suit more experienced gamers, with more financial means. Games with no limits can offer you great financial rewards! Make sure that you choose a table that aligns with your budget though. You want to keep your gaming experience enjoyable and responsible. If you want to check the maximum and minimum a game has to offer then there is usually a handy button. This button is typically found near the bottom of the screen. This is handy for if you forget. The minimum and maximum bets should be in the game rules and instructions in the games lobby area, though. In order to help out new players though here at Easy Slots we have some unique 2020 welcome bonuses to boost your bankroll!

Chatting on Live Casinos

Want some more interaction? In some live casino games you can chat to the dealer! There’s a couple of ways you can do this. You can either type out a message or send an audio recording. You can tag the dealer in your chat so that they know your message is for them! This helps give the live casinos a bit of human interaction. But you should get a response from the customer service employees, otherwise it’s just rude! Other game players can also talk to the dealer, so the gameplay will be paused if they are doing so. Not all games have this feature though, so don’t count on it being there!

More interestingly, though, some live casino games offer a player chat feature. This is a super interesting feature and it can very much be used to your advantage! You can bluff over your messages for those of you feeling like really playing the game. Of course, they can’t see you but it’s fun getting your virtual poker face on! This could lead to big wins for you. Make sure you use player chat to your advantage! Of course, it’s likely it will take some practice. For those experienced players out there you will be able to tell those that aren't! Look out for their mannerisms, like over-confidence or wrongful casino terminology. If you’re not out to make friends then get your bluff on and pretend to not know what you’re doing. At the last minute you can swoop in! Or you could use the chat to be a social butterfly and maybe even make a new friend. It’s nice that live casinos offer this feature, as it helps make it feel like an authentic gaming experience.

Available Live Dealer Games

Lots is the answer to that question! In terms of the different types, here we will list the main three. There’s live baccarat, which is essentially a mix of blackjack and Texas Holdem. It’s a good game to start with, especially if you’re a beginner because the rules are easy to follow. Firstly you need to place your bets. Then the live dealer will acknowledge your bet before they begin drawing the cards. The standard rules of the game apply. But different casinos will have different variations of it. There is also live roulette. Roulette is one of the most well-known casino games and live roulette keeps all of the rules you know so well. Live roulette is pretty similar to online roulette. It has multiple ways to win and a variety of betting options. The only difference between land based roulette games is that there’s a time limit in place for placing your bets per round. Those that enjoy past-paced and exciting live games, this is one for you. Finally, there’s live blackjack. Is this your favourite game? You’re not alone! This is one of the most popular casino games out there. Similarly to live roulette, it keeps its rules the same – the aim is to beat the dealer’s hand! The appeal of this game is the fact you actually face off against the dealer!

Of course there are other, more specific, games out there. For example the popular game Dream Catcher by Evolution Gaming. It is a wheel game, one that’s often popular in land based casinos. They have done this to ensure they catch the players’ attention. They have aimed the game at those who enjoy traditional slot games. So how do you play it? The rules are really simple. Your live dealer will spin the wheel and you’ll need to bet on the number you think the wheel will stop on. It could be number 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. If you guess correctly you get a payout! See? Easy! Plus the dealer will be in touch with you throughout the game. Plus the game offers a spin multiplier bonus of either 2x or 7x. So you can win big with live casino games! Don’t hesitate to try this live casino game.

Another good example of a popular live casino game is Sic Bo by Microgaming. It originally became very popular in Asia. Tt has since gained popularity in land-based Western casinos. And Microgaming have made an extremely fun and engaging online version of the game. It is a game based around dice. You need to predict the outcome of three dices and they can land on any number from 1 through to 6. If you are a fan of the land based version of this game then you’ll defiantly pick up the rules quickly! The minimum bet you can make for this game is £1.00 and the maximum is £180.00. The game has some cool special features as well to help maximise your wins. Microgaming have created a live casino game with excellent graphics. There’s also great betting options and special features. So this game can be a good option for beginners and experienced gamers. You can also play the game in a variety of languages. Why don’t you try Sic Bo today?

Best Live Casino Game Developers

You will have probably heard of many live casino game developers due to online gaming! There’s developers like:

  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Extreme Live Gaming
  • BetGames

Possibly the best gaming developers, though, are NetEnt. The company NetEnt will definitely ring a bell for experienced gamers. They are a global company with over 200 games of varying themes. Pontus Lindwall is the founder of the company back in 1996. Since the mid 1990’s the company has been one of the key players on the online casino games market. They say they are the true pioneer in driving the market forward with their thrilling games. They pride themselves on creating games that are unique and informed. NetEnt Live Casino games are truly unique and successful. Their live casino solution has created fantastic live games for mobile devices. They ensure that the game can be played on portrait and landscape mode. Their technology also ensures flawless graphics and sounds to accompany the game. We all know there’s nothing more frustrating than playing a game with subpar picture quality. They have also aimed their solution at 22 nationalities. This means they want to include lots of people in their games. The company have really kept their players in mind when creating their live casino games. They have definitely made sure that you can their enjoy games at the highest possible level.  

Some Last Benefits of Live Casino Gaming

There are so many benefits to live casino gaming! Of course the main one is that you can play them anywhere with a good internet connection. You can play them in restaurants or while you’re waiting for public transport. You could even play while you’re waiting in a long tedious queue for your morning coffee. The options are endless! Plus you can play them on lots of different devices. For example your smartphone, computer, and tablet. Live casino gaming is super accessible now. Of course you can also play in the comfort of your own home as well. That’s always a bonus – who doesn’t love a cozy night in? The games are also easy to follow, particularly if you are an avid land gamer! Game developers have ensured that the rules keep as close to land based casino games. Also, games offer fun features like player chat. This can help to improve your gaming tactics. Or you can simply use it to socialise with other like-minded players! So what are you waiting for? Try a live casino game today! We are sure you’ll have an enjoyable and unique gaming experience. You’ll find your new favourite game in no time!