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5 Things You Definitely Should Not Do in Las Vegas

5 Things You Definitely Should Not Do in Las Vegas

Here on the best online slots uk site, we believe for some people, a Las Vegas holiday can be the trip of a lifetime. And some gamblers save up their hard earned pennies to blow it on an epic trip filled with memories you will be reminiscing for years to come. Sin City certainly lives up to its name and is filled with endless entertainment venues and rabbit holes to get lost in, but the last thing you want is to come back from holiday married, broke with unwanted ink. Make sure what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and avoid the below like the plague.

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Wear Skyscraper Heels 

Ladies, ditch the stilettos. And guys too, if that’s your thing. The main area of Las Vegas where you will find the biggest concentration of hotels, restaurants and casinos is known as The Strip and is approximately 4.2 miles long. No matter how much you love your heels, you wouldn’t want to go on a 4-mile walk in them and then walk all the way back to your hotel. Unless you experience Las Vegas Boulevard’s neon-lit sights and glimmering landmarks on a helicopter while sipping a glass of bubbly, the best way to truly experience Sin City is on foot, so pack some comfortable footwear to make the most of your time.  

Get a drunken Las Vegas tattoo  

Yes, you will have an entertaining story to tell your mates for the rest of your life, but is it worth having a slapdash drunken tattoo on your body for the rest of your life?  It can be argued either way, but the majority of people who get tattoos in the heat of the moment after a few too many lemonades regret their decision, especially if they have to hide their tattoo in shame from your mum on every family holiday.  

Forget to Tip the Cocktail Waiter  

With any holiday, it pays to do your research before you go. Just like a foreign country has its own customers and etiquette, Las Vegas has its own culture and etiquette specifically for its casinos. If you’re planning on spending a lot of your time in the casino, it will be beneficial for you to get some tips and do’s and don’t’s so you know how to behave at the tables. With that in mind, if you are visiting Las Vegas from outside of the United States, especially for the first time, the tipping culture that is almost mandatory in the US might be completely alien to you. First thing is first, in the UK, we normally leave a tip if you are in a restaurant if the service and food goes beyond your expectations as a gesture of appreciation. However, this is not the case over the pond, tipping is not to show appreciation for above and beyond service, it is to ensure standard don’t slip below your expectations. Did you know that in the US, much of the service industry, from a cocktail waiter to a hotel bellhop is subject to IRS taxes for tips, even if they don’t receive any tips? So if you don’t tip, the waiter or bellhop is essentially losing money in assisting you. Go figure that they might be a little grouchy if you decide not to leave a tip. So remember to tip your cocktail waiter, even if it’s just $1, especially if the casino is supplying free drinks while you play as this will be to your advantage as the waiter is more likely to visit you more frequently with more drinks if you leave a tip every time.  

Leaving the Slot Machine or Gaming Table for a Break 

Like many busy, 24 hour cities, you can’t leave any personal belongings anywhere unattended, unless you don’t want to see them again. The clue is in the name, never trust your coat or handbag to be there when you get back in Sin City. In certain circles some people are that if you need to go for a quick break you can simply leave a chip face up or save your spot by leaving your coat on the chair. Definitely, don’t do this under any circumstances whether you are at a table or a slot machine. If you are at the top-rated play slot games it is best to cash out and come back later and if you’re lucky the machine will still be open. If you are at a table, you can always tell the dealer that you will be back in a moment and if they are good willed they may save your seat for you. Tipping could come in hand in this circumstance, too! 

Get Long-Halled in a Taxi 

Tourists can get their eyes taken out by expensive taxi journeys, especially if it’s your first visit. The term long hall means when a taxi driver purposely takes you on a longer route to your destination to make more money from the journey as is particularly common in tourist-dense areas like Las Vegas where people just don’t know any better. On the Las Vegas Strip it’s illegal for Las Vegas taxis to drop off and pick up punters along the famous strip, so the best way to organise a taxi is to have your hotel call a taxi on your behalf. Another tip is to make sure the meter is running and try and avoid making a ‘deal’ with the driver at a set price as this will likely be a lot higher than what it would be on the meter. That said, Las Vegas is full of very friendly, helpful and bubbly people who will enrich your trip – taxi drivers included, so have your wits about you but don’t be too dubious! Another thing to keep in mind is that it is also illegal to get into a taxi if you don’t have enough money to cover the fare. Not having enough cash on you for your taxi ride home is easily done after a few drinks, especially if you have lost track of how much you have lost at the casino!