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Best Slot Games to Play

There are hundreds of slot games available on the internet nowadays. Since online slot machines aren’t really that common, players have made the switch to an online casino.

With so many online slots games out there, how do we determine which one is the best? Is it the one available on the most platforms, the one with the most free spins, the best theme or the best pay-out online slots?

Let’s look at all of these factors to determine which online slots deserve the best slot games title on the market right now.

Best Slots Games - Signing in up

How to play online slots games

First things first, how does an average online slots tutke work? To play a slot machine, players need to place a stake. Online slot sites always publish the limits of how much this stake needs to be and how much a player can win. The player then spins the reels and need to match up identical symbols across the reels to win a multiplier of their stake. Again, the particular online slots will tell you how many of each symbol players need for each multiplier.

That is the basic function of online slots games. However, there is more to consider. Almost every slots for real money will feature a bonus round of some sort. This can be a chance to win some bonus spins, a higher multiplier or a mini game designed to break up the online slots games fun.

If this is the base for every online slots title, how do we decipher the differences to determine which is the best slots to play? Well, it isn’t just the bonus features that makes each slot game different.

Playing top rated online slots with real money

As I mentioned before, players need to set a stake to start playing the best online slots. This means that they put forward an amount of real money and in turn have a chance to win a larger sum depending on how well the slot machines game performs. Thus, this means the best online slots are the one that have the best payout percentage? Not necessarily.

There are games out there that can be played for free. That’s right, you can set a stake of absolute zero and enjoy as many free spins as you want on the best online slots. Watch the reels spin to see how the games work before placing your bets.

However, playing online slots for free is not a good way to win real money. In fact, free online slots do not allow players to withdraw any money indifirrently to how much they won on the games. So, the best games have nothing to do with the payout percentage?

Nope. There are still other factors to consider.

Online Casino Games Platforms

Online slot games first made their way to online casino sites in the early 00’s. But things have changed drastically since then.

The most popular way to play games online now is via a mobile phone. Players can access the internet on the move and therefore they can access their favourite online slots games sites while they are out and about.

The mobile games are different and come with all sorts of features that makes these online slots games closer to the apps that people enjoy rather than classic slots. This isn’t a bad thing, it just means that the most up to date and best online slots can be found on mobile phones.

However, players are still playing online slots on their desktops. These types of slot games are still some of the most popular online slots so which is better? Desktop online slots or mobile slots?

Best 5 Desktop Slot Games in 2021

As players looking to find the best slot games to play on their desktop in 2021, where should you start?

Here are the best slots to play online in 2021:

Rick and Morty Slot Online

Fans of the irreverent sci-fi comedy show will be pleased that the franchise is getting its own online slot game from Blueprint. The RTP rate for the slot is 96% which is a good start. The symbols in the game are all based off of the show with voice clips of characters played over the top.

The bonus rounds on offer are also references to the show and give players a chance to earn some free spins or more real money slots wins. The lowest stake a player can use to spin is 10p and the maximum is £10. There is also a megaways version of this slot for those that want to experience more ways to win.

Agent Destiny Online Slot

From a T.V show that mocks comic book tropes to an online slot game that features them, Agent Destiny is a 2D animated slot that has symbols ripped right out off of the comic page.

Agent Destiny from developer Play N Go allows players to deposit anywhere between 10p and £100 and takes all references from comic book artist Adam Hughes. The online slot theme, music and bonus features are all centred on the comic book spy genre. Enjoy a story based caper where the multipliers you win help Agent Destiny take down the criminal masterminds.

Jack in a Pot Classic Slots

Red Tiger Gaming are taking the luck of the Irish theme and running with it in this 7 reel top online slots game. It is also part of our top 10 best slots to play with high payout percentage.

Not only does Jack in a Pot online slot feature 7 reels, meaning there are more ways to win, but it also includes 5 bonus features. From free spins to catching the leprechaun to win one of the games best pay outs, there is no shortage of creativity on display with this uk players favourite online slot.

Place your stake from anywhere between 10p and £200 to see if you can reach this top slot max jackpot of £800.

Gonzo s Quest Megaways Real Money Slots

The Gonzo s Quest megaways top slot follows the intrepid adventurer, Gonzo, on his quest to uncover ancient Aztec treasure. This treasure makes up the symbols across the slots 6 reels and matching these lead to high volatility pay outs - which massively increase through the bonus rounds.

Red Tiger show their face again to provide players with 117,649 ways to win with the Gonzo s Quest Megaways slots online title. Players can bet anywhere between 10p and £40 and the games payout percentage is definied by an RTP rate of 96%.

Cash of Kingdoms

A fantasy themed top 10 best slot game, Cash of Kingdoms from MicroGaming can be played from between 15p and £435 per spin.

An interesting venture, Cash of Kingdoms video slots symbols features 5 characters on its reels that fit the aesthetic. Match these to win. Players can also enjoy invading wilds, a feature that stacks to help players win all the more. On top of all this there are even some chances to win some bonus spins that massively increase the payout slots wins.

That’s it for the best slot games for desktop. Let’s see how the mobile slots stack up.

Top 5 Mobile Slot Games 2021

Mobile slots are slightly different to desktop online slot games. The best way to show this is to discuss the very best online slots available for mobile right now.

Starburst Top Online Slots

The main focus for this mobile slot is not the bonus rounds. It is the main game that can reward very lurative wins to uk players. There are no free spins on offer instead Starburst video slots focuses the most on its wild symbol.

Starburst is often added alongside the classic slots in 2021, alongside the Rainbow Riches titles, and it is all about the coloured jewels. Match the correct coloured gems across the video slots 5 reels to win a multiplier. There are also some classic top slot symbols such as the red 7 and BAR. Starburst is the perfect slot game for new players and can be played from just 10p per spin online, while it is not apparent on land based casinos.

Dead or Alive

Just like Starburst and Rainbow Riches, Dead or Alive is a video slots game from developer NetEnt. Leaving the star-ways behind, this online slot is set in the Wild West and it is popular since the days that people played games on land based casinos.

Players are tasked with matching the slot site games symbols across the 5 reels to help the lawman capture some of the towns most wanted criminals. With sticky wilds and a free spin mode, players can enjoy a heap of content by betting anywhere between 9p and £18 per spin. This is a high variance slot with an RTP rate of 96%.

Crystal Lotus

Would you rather play online slot site games to calm down? Crystal Lotus is a slot that has a very Zen attitude. With its deep purple background, calming music and flower symbols, this is a slot that does not focus on ways to win but rather a relaxing experience.

The wild is the only bonus symbol and can expand to help players earn some bonus spins. This slot game has an RTP rate of 96% and can be played from just 1p and £125 per spin - with payouts competing with the best online slot titles with progressive jackpots.

Astro Legends Slots Online

Taking things back into outer space, Astro Legends is a 5 reels mobile slots sites game from Foxium. Another story based game, Astro Legends puts you up against a brilliantly smart antagonist, Lyra. Spin the reels and match pay lines to defeat this evil genius. You never know, you could walk away with the max win of 150,000x your initial stake.

The bonus features are based around the wilds and re-spins, nothing much new there. You can nab your chance to win the jackpot from 10p and £100 per spin.

Book of Dead

One of the easiest slots to get to grips with, Book of Dead is a 5x3 video slot that is perfect for new players.

Almost every bonus feature is present, making it a great tutorial best online slots game without it becoming too muddled. There are scatters and wilds, free spins, expanding symbols and even a gamble feature.

This adventure themed slot can be played from 1p per spin and has an RTP rate of 96%. If you are new to online slots, this is one of the best slots to give your first spin.

As we can see, mobile slots feature a lot more bonuses than the regular desktop games. These can all lead to more winnings but is receiving real money the only way to enjoy a slot game?

Free Slot Games

That’s right. It is possible to visit an online slot site and play the best slot games completely free. But how does this work? Surely you need to place a stake to win anything. Let’s look at all the ways you can play free slots.     

  1. Welcome bonus - These are available for new players when they sign up to an online casino for the first time. The bonus that players looking to play casino games for free is the free deposit amount. This is an amount of credit given to players to use across the sites range of slot games.
  2. Demo slots - A demo slot is a sample of a slot game put out by the developer early to showcase what the slot can do. These are usually only available for a limited time and will disappear once the full slot is released. However, you can play these demos for free until then.      
  3. Free Spins - There are plenty of methods a player can use to earn some free spins. They can be won in a slot game or they can be given out as a no deposit bonus. They are so common because they are a fundamental part of how slot machines work.     
  4. Free slot mode - the easiest way to play slot games for free is simply looking for free play slot games. It is that easy.

These are the best online slots that do not require a deposit to play. The player gets to spin the reels all day long either because they want to get used to playing before they make a deposit or they just gamble for fun. You don’t always have to play slots for real money. Free slots might seem like the best slot games for the simple fact that they are free. However, there are so many more types of slot you can play.

Online Casino Games Types

We have been through mostly 5 reel slots but there are lots of other slot types that can be considered among the best slots. These are:  

  • Slot machines - These are usually considered to be the best slots as they are the original. Usually found in a land based casino, these slot machines are just physical versions of online slots. With this being the case, they are very rigid in their mechanics and feature far less bonus features. The most you will ever get from these slot machines is a few extra spins.
  • Fruit Machines - If slot machines are the first version of the slot game then the fruit machine is definitely the classic slot and most recognisable. These usually only feature three reels and have fruits for their symbols. These were made for the hard-core slots players. They cost more to play but have some of the best pay-outs. 
  • Jackpot slots - jackpot slots are pretty easily explained. They are a version of a slot game, online or otherwise, where there is one large jackpot available to the player. They will not win any more than this fixed amount.
  • Progressive jackpot slots - Unlike jackpot slots, progressive jackpot slots have a feature where the slots max win keeps increasing. The player is normally tasked with performing a task in order to make the jackpot climb higher and these are some of the more popular slot to play.
  • Branded Slots - a branded slot is a slot game that has its theme based around a particular brand. This can be a product, a film or T.V show. These normally cost a bit more to develop as licencing fees are required before a developer has the rights to make the slot but slot sites love having branded content on their pages. Do any of these types of slot jump out as one you would like to try? If so, they could very well be considered one of the best slot games.

Best Slot Games Developers

We’ve looked at what some of the best slot games out there could be but who gives us these slot games? Surely the best slots must come from the best developers. So who are these developers?

EyeCon Games

EyeCon are an online slots developer that favour 2D animated video slots. Their output isn’t all if this variety but this is the way their best slots tend to lean. In their short career, EyeCon Gaming have given us such slots as: 

If you like the idea of playing in a cartoon world, EyeCon Gaming are definitely worth checking out.

Red Tiger Games

Red Tiger Gaming is an online slots developer that have only been around for 6 years. However, they have carved out quite a name for themselves in this time, creating some of the most beautiful online slot games on the market. Their catalogue of slot games includes:

  • Wild o’clock  
  • 24 hour Garand Prix 
  • Crystal Mirror   
  • Bombuster  
  • Golden Tsar

Aiming to hit a more adult audience, Red Tiger Gaming are one of the best slots developers around. Let’s just hope you like the colour gold.

Yggdrasil Games

Last of all we have Yggdrasil Gaming. They are a slots developer that try to create slots for all platforms including mobile, tablet and PC. If you liked the sound of mobile slots, Yggdrasil is the developer for you. Their previous online slots include:

  • Moley Moolah!   
  • Hyper Burst
  • Hades
  • Elemental Princess  
  • Carol of the Elves

Their catalogue is rich and varied, fit for any type of slots player.

Best Slots Games Payouts

  1. Earlier I mentioned the best slot games are not necessarily the ones with the best pay-outs. However, there have been several instances in the past year where a player has won a life changing sum of money on a slot. Pay attention. These are the highest pay outs from the last year.
  2. All the way back in June of 2020, a player managed to win a whopping $9.8 million dollars. The game was Mega Moolah from MicroGaming and the idea is that players bet on certain symbols rather than pay lines. This is probably why such a large win was gained.
  3. It wasn’t long after this win that this jackpot amount was exceeded. A huge €14.2 million was won by a player on Mega Moolah again in August. This is a progressive jackpot slot game and so the massive increase in the amount of real money won is understandable.
  4. It wasn’t just Mega Moolah and the year 2020 that pays out big progressive jackpot prizes. The largest recorded slot game win was achieved back in 2013. On the game of Mega Fortune, a player managed to bag themselves a nice €17.8 million. That is life changing.

Please bear in mind that these wins are rare and it is highly unlikely that players will regularly walk away with this amount of real money. Always check the wagering requirements before you place a bet and gamble aware.

Top Online Casinos Games - Verdict

Now we come to the end and have looked at so many different slot games. We have looked at the platforms you can play slots, the amount players can win and even the developers and only one thing can be ascertained.

The best slot games are completely subjective. It is all down to what the individual player wants from the game. Want to win a large amount? Then you are probably better off playing something like Mega Moolah jackpot slots. Want a great mobile slot? Then perhaps Starburst is the way to go.

What if you just want to play slots for fun? No worries. There are even free to play slot games out there for this section of the population.

In conclusion, the best slot game is the one that you want to play and will get the most out of. The only way to find it is by going to an online casino and playing as many slots as you can. Even if you don’t find the best online slot, you will at least have a good time. Just remember to gamble responsibly.

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