Roulette Master

This is a classic casino table game brought to you by NextGen Gaming. Spin the wheel and enjoy the soothing female gameplay vocals that will accompany you throughout your gambling experience. Are you the master of roulette or is it purely a game of chance.

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About the Developer of Roulette Master

NYX Gaming offer an impressive portfolio in the world of best online slot sites. Producing content for over 200 unique customers, this developer offers their own Open Gaming System to licensees, allowing for the world’s market leading multi-vendor casino content. In fact, through NYX, you may have access to over 2000 game titles via OGS, creating a system where it’s unlikely that you have not played one of their affiliated titles. In addition, NYX are in charge of OpenBet, which processed more than two billion bets in the year of 2016. At the 2017 Grand national, it processed 68,000 bets a minute. Amazing!

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How to Play Roulette Master

Roulette Master is exactly what it offers on the tin – a casino slot games that creates the illusion of playing roulette in a Vegas-like establishment. The table itself is featured in a darkened room, creating a sense of closeness and being in a private room. It is difficult not to be a fan of this. Because this does not feel ‘public’ in its betting space, I myself felt a bit more bold in placing large bets. The closeness of the player creates a sense of involvement that is rarely achieved in roulette games. Especially when surrounded by large piles of chips, there is an air of ‘the next big break,’ so to speak.

The game itself was very impressive. There is a huge amount of customisation within the game itself, and an abundance of information is a welcome surprise when playing in an online setting. On the left of the screen, you are given a list of all of the past spins – incredibly useful when you are tracking how many you have won recently – as well as the numbers which it landed on. This is not all, however. On the far right of the screen, we have a heatmap of the betting layout, showing which of the numbers are hot and cold; extremely useful in some circumstances! The statistics layout is the heatmap on steroids, giving possibly too much information for the player. It is all incredibly useful though!

Roulette Master Graphics

For me, the customisation menu makes the game. For a roulette game, one normally doesn’t expect to see such detailed customisation. Being able to change which specific sounds are on and off, which colour you would like your dashboard to be… Even want gender you want your announcer to be, Roulette Master clearly demonstrates that it aims to be the go-to roulette game for online players. A downside, in my mind, however, is that the ball is not simulated in an entirely realistic fashion. Although it doesn’t affect the game in any way, I feel like it takes away from the realistic aesthetic that it just ‘falls’ into the colour. Occasionally it bounces around, but that just looks like it is animated to do so sometimes. It jerks into different colours after the animation, producing a not-so-lifelike experience.

The Verdict

Good looking, incredibly customisable, and a nice way to spend time, Roulette Master creates an environment in which you can tell that NYX Gaming is in its prime. An Easy Slots classic. Pharao's Wild is another must play slot game at Easy Slots!