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Alakazam! Ka-Pow. Welcome to the magical world of The Great Albini! He is the greatest magician in the world of online casino slot games. And, for his next trick, Albini will grant you a great fortune! All you need to do is spin those reels around, and around until you land the right combination.

Albini is accompanied by his beautiful apprentice, Tatiana! This is Foxium's newest online casino slot game, and they are hoping it is a magical release. But can this latest installment maintain the company's high standard of top slots uk games? Read on, and find out!

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About the Developer

Foxium is a well-rounded the best slot games online to play developer. They were founded in 2015, in online casino's cultural hub, Tallinn, Estonia. Foxium focus on presenting an amazing graphical, audio and narrative gaming experience. They release products which can function on multiple platforms. This includes mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops.

Their titles usually posses amazing 3D rendered visual artwork. This includes games like Astro Legend: use the power of music to defeat the evil ice king and claim his fortune! Our favourite of their releases is Adella. in this game you must aid the beautiful frost elf, Adella, as she hunts for fortune. This game is the greatest graphical achievement in online slots game history. Adella looks as detailed as any desktop or next-gen gaming console character.

Foxium put a lot of effort into the visual aspects of their titles, and it always pays off! Their mission plan is simple: outfox the ordinary.

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The Great Albini Gameplay

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About the Game

The Great Albini more than lives up to the Foxium standard! The graphics are phenomenal and the gameplay: superb! It is a 5-reel, 3-slot game with 25 pay lines. With the bonuses, this can be extended to 6-rows with 50 pay lines! As per usual, this is playable on all devices.

The minimum-maximum bets range from 0.25 to 30 euros. To change your bet, simply hit the arrows! If you feel like you are betting too much, saw it in half! The RTP is the industry standard of 96.6%. With these technical aspects to the game, you will be floating off the ground!

Narrative-wise, the game takes place in the 1920s, the golden age of magicians and illusionists. Albini is clearly based on the famous magicians of the time, like Harry Houdini and Harry Keller.

Houdini was an iconic Hungarian-born American illusionist, stunt-performer and magician. He was most famous for his escape acts, which he performed in vaudeville. Towards later life, he focused on debunking spiritualists and mediums. However, the one thing he could never debunk was the great game design of Foxium’s online casino slot games!

The theme runs throughout the visual-audio design of the game. For instance, the reels are invisible, and the game is set on a stage. We loved the illustrations of the high-paying symbols. These included a chain-locked box, three cups and a ball set and a canary. There is also Albini and his lovely assistant, Tatiana! For the first time in the history of slots, the playing card, lower-paying symbols are actually well suited to the theme!

The soundtrack to this game presents vaudeville-style tunes. These cheerful tracks were exciting and enticing. But, this was no freak show. The Great Albini is a groundbreaking title. The sound effects completely fit in with the theme of the piece perfectly. They compliment the gameplay and visual effects.

We loved the designs of the character Albini and Tatiana. Albini is a tall, slender fellow, who is dressed in a pink and blue jacket. His attire also consists of a gold waistcoat, green skinny trousers and boots. We love his slick-back hair and hipster twirled moustache and goatee. His beautiful assistant is dressed in fishnet tights and a top hat with gold trim.

She has a matching pink corset, with a blue top and shorts. These characters have great chemistry and have a spark between them. And, hopefully, a more substantial spark than a sheet of flash paper! If you are like us, you will be hoping there is a romantic relationship between the two.

The game's logo is the title in big, bold, emerald green letters with bright yellow trim. It is a loud presentation, which contrasts the rest of the game's visual design. They really have pulled a rabbit out of their hats there!

In terms of gameplay, our favourite feature was the 'Mystery Respin'. You will receive this when a mystery box appears, stacked on reel 3. When activated, you will get 3 respins, with all the mystery boxes locked in place. If you manage to land another mystery box during the respin, it will be reset back to 3. This will then keep happening with every single new mystery box you land when the feature is active. Giving you something you can really wave your wand at!

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The Great Albini Mystery

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The Verdict

This is a ground-breaking online casino slot game. We will continue to play this game throughout 2019, and maybe even carry on into 2020! One of the greatest audio-visual productions in the history of all gaming, not just online casino gaming. Foxium have really outfoxed themselves here. They have produced, what we feel is, their best title to date!