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Star Raiders Slot

Explore the universe in this galactic slot game that takes you into an unknown galaxy where anything is possible, this sci-fi action adventure is guaranteed to give you a fair crack at accumulating some huge free spin bonuses and space-age cash rewards in this 5 reel mission to new lands. So, its time to sit tight in that ship and float your way into space to gain some amazing cash prizes.

Star Raiders Logo

About the Developer

Pariplay offers a number of distinct and easy-to-use games over on Easy slot, specialising in both mobile and online based gaming experiences; typically slot games. Striving to give their partners hundreds of products relevant to their needs, Pariplay pride themselves on giving easy access to software for any online casino operators, meaning there is always a good collection of games available for consumers. They offer a number of slot games that some players may know, like Fur Balls – clearly across all demographics you could ask for.

About the Game

Star Raiders is, arguably, one of Pariplay’s most well-known games. With its futuristic look modelled after the Atari console classic, this online slot game contains a mixture of classic slot symbols, as well as game-specific spaceships, satellites, and UFOs. The light electronic music really helps set the atmosphere of the game – with the deep space background, it is easy for the player to feel immersed in this futuristic environment. Possibly one of the more satisfying parts of this game is when you get a win. The pay lines, rather than just appearing over the reel, actually bounces between the different symbols, creating a laser beam like effect. Very cool! The games aesthetic is perfect for a slot game, as this simple improvement makes the game feel modern and sleek.

With a 5 x 3 reel, and a comfortable minimum bet of 0.20, it is clear that this game is intended to be played by low rollers, mostly. With a max bet of 10, the game does not go overboard with allowing the high rollers to bet what they would like. This fairly low upper limit creates a slot game where you spend your time enjoying the flashy animations and sci-fi themes, while not worrying a huge amount about how much you are betting.

Star Raiders Slot gameplay

This game adds a number of interesting features to the Pariplay portfolio of bonuses. The UFO, that hovers over an unknown alien planet, functions as the game’s Wild symbol. Interestingly, this wild functions differently to symbols of the same name in other slot games. Once the wild lands, it ‘locks in’ for a certain number of turns, indicated in the top right of its portrait. One of the most exciting things about this is the bonus multiplier if you get five Wilds in one reel… 1000x!

When this occurs, effectively guarantees a win for the next few spins, as the wild can be substituted for all other symbols, except the Free Spin badge.

This badge, when there are more than three on the screen, initiate Red Alert – Battle Mode. When this happens, you have two hundred and forty-three chances to win, and a random number of free spins! The fairly well-animated cutscene occurs, and a (disappointingly) loud battle ensues. Although visually, this looks impressive, it can be incredibly distracting. 

Star Raiders Gameplay

The Verdict

This aesthetically pleasing yet surprisingly robust game functions as the ideal sci-fi slot game. Having excitement, as well as some downtime between the ‘Code Red’ battles, you find yourself playing for hours. An easy recommendation for anyone who is a fan of this theme. If you enjoyed Star Raiders then why not try Retro Super 80s. Check Easy slot games for more information.