Scrolls of RA

If ancient Egyptian themed games online are your forte then indulge yourself in the mysteries of the hidden tomb and begin your journey for the scrolls of RA and the sunken treasure that lie within. Spin your way through hieroglyphics, gems and jewels, and an ancient mummified setting to earn yourself some great treasures and lucrative free spin bonuses in one of the best slots UK games available.

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About the Developer

iSoftbet’s tagline is as easy as it comes: simply play. This is a motto that they live by with their various best free play slot games, no messing around, just you and the slots. This attitude has led them to various degrees of success in a variety of different gaming titles, from the space action thrill-ride Booster, to the online slot adaptation of the hit American TV series 24.

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About the Game

If Ancient Egyptian themed slots are your bag then might we suggest Scrolls of Ra? It’s an online slot from the good folks at iSoftbet: a game dev that knows just what makes a great slot that will pulsate within the confines of your devices for hours on end if you let it; you are the reason why these games exist, and seeing as you are reading this we will tell you more. Indiana Jones would be envious of such treasures that can be found traversing these reels — cash prizes as far as the eye can see. Like many online slots from its maker, Scrolls of Ra has all of the telltale signs of an online slot, from wilds to scatters, this title has it all. Not to mention the 4 bonus features that identify as game bonus features on-top of an already stellar cast of activities for you to sink your adventurous teeth into. Scrolls of Ra can be played via many different devices, stemming from both mobile and tablet systems; many ways to play and so little time.

Initial bets can be placed from as little as 2p which is ideal if you see yourself dipping your proverbial toe in the waters of online gaming, trust us when we tell you that the water is just fine and you should jump head first into this game, it will catch you in its addictive embrace no bother. Theme drives this title along a very steady track that is full of exciting twists and turns. We used an Indiana Jones analogy in the first paragraph and that was done on purpose. Scrolls of Ra is an archeologists dream, it has everything you need that is just off the beaten path enough for you to tell your friends about all your adventures, and even if they don't believe you they can just look in your wallet to confirm their suspicions. Scrolls of Ra is a very beautiful game to behold, its use of colour and warm art style separate it from other dated slots that currently exist within the market. And let’s face it, there is a lot of ancient Egypt based titles out there, so many failures so little time.

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The Verdict

Scrolls of Ra will take you places you never knew you wanted to go: back in time to days of the past where pharaohs roamed the earth and pyramids were seen as temples to those of the highest of powers. Never before has an online slot captured out imaginations quite like this one and we aren't just saying that to blow smoke, there is truth behind these words and we aren't know to pull any punches, what we believe in we instil throughout our reviews. If you love slots then do yourself a favour and play Scrolls of Ra for the love of all that is holy. 9/10

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