Mighty Kong

Here's a new best slots game called Mighty Kong, based on the classic movie, King Kong! A movie that has transcended the screen into something much more than a simply pop culture phenomenon. And although our hairy friend first graced our screens back in 1933, he still has many miles left to go.

This online slot from Pragmatic Play is a clear homage to this movie and everything it represents. As you have probably guessed by now, this game takes place on Skull Island which is the home to a variety of interesting creatures. Creatures like Kong who apparently spend their spare time up and down the reels of a highly addictive slot. Expect to see wilds and scatters on your adventures, as well as a mix of bonus features that are sure to provide excitement around every ridge and corner. See below for our full review. Read more about mobile casino deposit and start playing now

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About the Developer

Pragmatic Play is yet another developer that is adored by both their peers as well as their audience. Pragmatic: a company with roots that go deeper than what meets the eye. These guys are an established name in the industry, responsible for countless recognisable titles.

How pragmatic does one need to be to have a name like Pragmatic Play. It’s probably not a good idea to dwell on this as there is a list of their best online slot games to play! These guys know what to do to create the best possible slot experiences out there, and they show no signs of slowing down.

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About the Game

Mighty Kong is a 4x5 video slot that sports 50 fixed pay-lines which might seem like a bad thing but when you consider the amount of bonus features that are in this slot, you instead begin to form thoughts and strategies in how you can manipulate these reels to your every whim, similar to Kong and New York City. This hulking gorilla is apart of the aesthetics here, so don’t go into this slot thinking that the name is the only mention of him. The look and feel for this slot is exactly what you’d expect, a soundtrack similar to the movies, and a colour scheme that plays to a mix of your tradition jungle and concrete jungle.

Symbols in Mighty Kong are all represented via characters from the movies themselves, only this time they are in the style and design of this slot. Each of these symbols are represented by a different value, a value that can then increase depending on how many of these symbols are involved within that ever-lucrative winning pay-line. Kong himself serves as this slots wild symbol, acting in the same way that most wilds do in many online slots. See below for our final thoughts on Mighty Kong.

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The Verdict

The Mighty Kong will crash and smash until he sees fit, or at least until you are finished with him. He is a simple beast of simple pleasures, for some reason he really enjoys giving online slot gamers the benefit of the doubt, even giving them some of the booty along the way. Find friendship with this behemoth at all cost and he shall be the Donkey Kong to your Mario in a friendly sense. If you liked Mighty Kong why not discover more easyslots game.