Hot Shots

In this hectic digital world, innovative and easily accessible free slot games like Hotshots serve as a fantastic tool for reconnecting family and friends on a single table. Pitching in an underserved genre of firefighting in tabletop gaming, Fireside games provide their vendees with an ultimate experience of battling a blaze in the roughest and most remote areas.

When a wildfire burns across the land, the first teams sent in are the Hotshots. You and your friends are a Hotshot crew called to fight a raging forest fire. With the teamwork press your luck, roll the dice, cut firebreaks, call in vehicles for support, and try to fight back the flames to put out the fire and win your bonus.

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The Developers of Hot Shot Slot

In 2007 Justin De Witt and Ann-Marie De Witt decided to take their hobby of creating board games to business and founded Fireside Games. They are committed to bringing joy and shared experiences to the world and are convinced that board games are a fantastic tool toward that end. Since 2007, a list of card and board games have been launched by the team, including this cooperative push your luck dice ‘Hotshots’ game, which was introduced in 2017. Designed by Justin De Witt, creator of hit cooperative games Castle Panic and Star Trek Panic, Hotshots was nominated for the renown Origins Awards in 2018. Fireside Games believe in creating easily accessible, original games stirring up fun. Their innovative best online slots 2021 games include:

  • Castle panic
  • Dead panic
  • Bears
  • Grackles
  • Dastardly Dirigibles
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How to Play Hot Shots Slot (Video)

When playing Hotshots you take on the role of a specialist, Crew Boss, Spotter, Swamper, or Sawyer. Each character comes with a special skill. The goal is to move to burn tiles and match the combination of dice faces with those shown on the tiles. The more faces you roll, the more you reduce the fire and may even get some reward tokens that help against the blaze. If you fail to match at least three faces, the fire intensifies. The fire also grows at the end of each player’s turn.

Free Spins & bonuses

If a tile has too many flames added to it, it scorches. If 8 tiles scorch or if the fire camp scorches the game is over and the players lose. If the players extinguish all the fires, they win. The game includes:

  • Crews of 1 to 4 players (Crew Boss, Spotter, Swamper, and Sawyer).
  • Firebreak tokens
  • Firefighter tokens and stands
  • Firefighting dices
  • Flame tokens
  • Reward tokens
  • Terrain tiles
  • Vehicle tokens
  • Wind marker and stand

The Verdict on Hot Shots

The fun game often takes unanticipated turns as the great variety of tiles have a number of twists-and-turns that will fan the flames in creative ways: some will explode, others heat the fire further. If you are a fan of the Forbidden Island line of games then this game can provide you with a similar complexity level. As long as you are okay with the randomness, Hotshots can be enjoyable with exciting graphics and unexpected turns. Make sure to also check out Monster Wheels on Easy!