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There are slot games out there that take pride in doing one thing and doing it well. That is what makes them some of the best slots on the best slot site, Easy Slots.

However, Gems Bonanza seeks to do more. So much more. Sit back and get ready. This is not your average casino games.

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Gems Bonanza Slot Developer - Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play have made their mark on the online slot games world and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Some of the best slots available to play at easy slots are developed by Pragmatic Play and experienced slot players will definitely have had a spin on one of their projects.

Some of their previous work includes the like of these brilliant slots:

  • The Dog House
  • Sweet Bonanza
  • Wolf Gold
  • Spartan King
  • Pirate Gold
  • Cowboys Gold

These are all heavily themed slot games, many of which aim to provide a story behind the slots madness. This time, Pragmatic Play are putting their focus on Gems. Just gems. That sounds like a step backwards. You may just be surprised when you see how it plays.

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Gems Bonanza Gameplay and Symbols

The different coloured gems are this slot games symbols. They come in a variety of shapes and colours from green triangles to red heptagons.

These symbols are displayed on and 8x8 grid. This might seem overwhelming however it makes perfect sense as Gems Bonanza is a cluster slot. In a cluster slot, the player needs to match symbols in a group rather than one horizontal pay line. This means symbols can join horizontally, vertically or diagonally. You will find out what multiplier you have won on a spin from the pyramid displayed in the background. That’s a nice touch. The red heptagon carries the highest multiplier and you can match up to 25 of the same symbols in a cluster.

The wagering limit for Gems Bonanza is a minimum stake of .20 and a max stake of 100. If you feel particularly lucky you can use this slot games auto spin feature. You can set a limit of between 10 and 1000 auto spins. To make this one of the best online slots, the developers have included a turbo mode to speed up these spins. That gives us all more time to play more slots at easy slots. How generous.

The RTP rate here is slightly above average sitting at 96.51%.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.

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Bonus Features and Free Spins

This is where Gems Bonanza gets a bit mad.

To start off we have the multiple spin features. This feature can affect the game in a variety of ways. At any time during the main game, a coloured mark can appear behind on of the symbols. If you land this mark in a winning cluster, a modifier takes effect. Different colours create different modifiers to the game like:

  • Blue: this will wipe the reels clean and replace all the symbols with new ones. If there are clusters the player will receive their multipliers
  • Brown: A mini 2x2 grid is added to the reels and acts as its own mini game
  • Green: This can add between 5 and 15 wilds to the reels at random
  • Pink: winning symbols will turn into wilds
  • Red: A bigger multiplier block is added to the reels either 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5.

It doesn’t end there though. When you win a cluster, the matching symbols will vanish and the ones above will tumble down the reels. The winning clusters made by this feature are added to a meter. Filling this meter triggers the Gold Progression feature.

Basically, the higher paying the symbols are in the meter, the higher the multiplier will be that is added for subsequent spins.

That is a lot to take in. There aren’t many slot games on sites like easy slots that have this much content.

Gems Bonanza Slot Paytable

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Verdict on Gems Bonanza Slots Game

Take a deep breath before you begin playing Gems bonanza.

Some of the best online slots at easy slots have a great main game, some have a lot of bonus features and others feature a progression mechanic. Gems Bonanza is just insane enough to feature all three. Add that to the fact that this is a cluster slot and you are in for an overwhelming yet brilliant time. For more brilliant slots, check out the Dragon Spin Pick N Mix sot.