Big Top

Big Top is the among the best slot games release from MulitSlot, and it is a  circus-themed one!

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About the Developer

MultiSlot is a game company that is comprised of many who started off initially as players who's love for slot gaming led them down a path of success and enterprise. These guys specialise in created experiences that all orbit around their targeted base: you the audience/player who consumes these games as if they were nothing but food. These guys are obsessed with dedicating their time and effort into crafting the next big thing that it’s actually inspiring. Every single one of their titles so far have proven to be instant classics. The sky is honestly the limit with these guys although give them enough time and we’re sure they could even turn the sky into a fun and addictive slot. They have been among the major contributors of the best online slots players enjoy today.

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About the Game

Everyone will have their own opinions on the circus. Some people love it, others hate it. Well no matter your preference on circuses, if you enjoy online slots that play to a theme and can also win you some rather cheeky cash prizes then why not try a day out (while simultaneously being a day in if you play this indoors) and take a trip to the circus. Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Many things to see and do at the Big Top circus. Do you dare take the challenge set forth by the creators of this slot? The challenge of-course to be to walk the tightrope in order to come out the other side with pockets as full and as deep as clowns. This is a rather family affair, although anyone under the age of 18 should not be gambling (sorry kids now go look at that lion while daddy runs the reels). MultiSlot are known at taking a rather serious approach when it comes to online slots like this one, it wouldn't surprise us if they somehow managed to do research for this title at an actual circus as it really is immersive.

Symbols in this title all reflect a certain image you’d normally see for yourself if you were to visit the circus. Expect clowns, lion tamers and seals among others. It goes without saying but each symbol has a different numerical value based on the symbol itself and how many are involved within the winning line. These symbols can come across as creepy so you may want to close your eyes, although doing that would impede your sight and well you kind of need that to play. Although if you happen to close your eyes you will hear the sounds of the circus and we swear we could smell cotton candy!

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The Verdict

Although circuses seem to have fallen out of favour with punters that still doesn't mean they don't hold a place in all of our nostalgic hearts (unless clown scare you then you probably want to avoid them at all costs). The overall theme that the developers wanted to create can be seen through the entire essence of Big Top. In a way it pulsates from the screen in a collage of colours and cash, and who doesn’t enjoy a good collage of colours and cash right! Start mobile billing slots today to get free spins.

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