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All41 Studios have produced the innovative slot, Alchemy Fortunes. Rleased in November 2020, this slot game comes with 7 Reels and 7 Rows. This Alchemy Themed slot game has transformed what we would usually think of as a slot game and it has done a great job of it.

Alchemy Fortunes Hyper Clusters comes to us with a High Volatility and an RTP of 69.41% this makes a lot of sense when we understand how cluster payout systems work, which we will get into soon.

The slotgames bets start with a min bets of £0.20 rising up to the max bet of £100 meaning that we can all get in and enjoy Alchemy Fortunes, from pauper to prince, we all want to learn how to make gold.

With a max payout of 1100 times our original stake we really do have some great potential! With the maximum bet have the possibility to win £110,000 in a single spin!

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Alchemy Fortunes Hyper Clusters Theme and Graphics

As we open up Alchemy Fortunes we are greeted with piles of text books, obviously for the study of the magical l art that has produced with scattered gold that lays shining across the floor, illuminated by the weary candle flames that have spent so long keeping this studious room lit.

The board is very minimalistic

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Alchemy Fortunes Slot Gameplay

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How to Play Alchemy Fortunes Slots

Once we have gotten signed up, verified our email and gotten our hands on Easy Slots 500 free spins, we can get to playing Alchemy Fortunes Hyper Clusters!

This slot is all about chasing the bonuses. Collecting more symbols means we will unlock more bonuses. With cascading wins, those bonuses can mean we get access to some big wins without us having to fiddle with constant spinning. Though the bonus meter does reset with each spin.

Alchemy Fortunes Slots Reels

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Alchemy Fortunes Hyper Clusters Data

Alchemy Fortunes is a slot that perfectly demonstrates that high volatility doesn’t mean it is a tough game. It is simply letting us know what play style will be in store for us. This is especially true for Alchemy Fortunes when we look at it with the great RTP of 96.41%

The betting range that we have available to us means that only the highest of high rollers will feel excluded from this slot. We start at a mere 20p and are able to bet all the way up to £100 a spin!

Alchemy Fortunes Hyper Clusters


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Alchemy / Magic / Gems / Crystals

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Free Game Bonuses and Exclusive Features

As we talked about earlier, Alchemy Fortunes is all about the bonus features, so let us not waste time and get down to what we need to know!

Magic Potion Meter

To the left of the reels, we will see a glass vile that attaches to from the top and bottom to the game board. As we collect more symbols in a spin, this meter will fill up and unlock different bonuses!

Magic Potion Meter Levels

  1. 20 Symbols Unlocks Potion Swap
    • All of the potion bottle symbols transmute into a single colour potion
  2. 40 Symbols Unlocks Summon Wilds
    • Between 3 and 6 wild symbols will appear on the board
  3. 60 Symbols Unlocks Gem Crush
    • All of the gems on the board are destroyed and a cascade occurs
  4. 80 Symbols Unlocks Alchemy of The Wilds
    • Board positions where wilds have landed become marked, when the feature activates all the marked positions become wilds
  5. 100 Symbols Unlocks Fortune Free Spins
    • Awards us with 5 free spins!

Alchemy Fortunes Slot Paytable

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Overall Review of Alchemy Fortunes Hyper Clusters Slot

More and more we see online casino games try bridge the gap between popular mobile games and casino games, this is the first that we have seen that has brought the value of both of them together without blatantly trying to take advantage of a consumer trend.

The incredible bonuses that available are testament to that. We award this Alchemy Fortunes Hyper Clusters a 9/10! And if you are looking for more great slots, look no further than the exotic Adventure Trail Fire Blaze Jackpots slot.