Lucky Keno

Lottery drawing games give players the chance to earn millions simply by picking the correct numbers, however online casinos simply cannot compete with the enormous jackpots of state lotteries so have devised Keno, a game where you pick your own numbers and have more chance of winning. Spin the reels and pray that it’s your numbers that are drawn next. Spin today and one of the best slots UK games available.

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Lucky Keno game

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About the Developer

PariPlay comes up with some of the most exciting and innovative creations in the best free play slot games industry. They strive to bring quality, thrills and satisfaction to each and every player, no matter their needs and wants. There’s something for almost anyone in their vast portfolio. Lucky Keno really lives up to its name. It’s an online version of Keno that all fans of the game will enjoy, as it guarantees fun times, big wins and realistic casino experience.

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About the Game

The graphics of this game is what gives it its charm. The vibrant colours, cheerful sound effects, sleek animation and slightly tilted view for depth, all amount to a beautifully designed game that will attract not only long-time fans of Keno, but also curious newcomers. Luck is on the table when playing, as that’s what your wins depend on- just the right choice at the right time, and the right combinations.

Firstly, as in any online casino slot games, you have to decide on an amount of credits for your bet. You can adjust your bet from a minimum of 0.01 credits, to a maximum of 10.00, according to your needs. However, be mindful that the higher the bet, the bigger the prize.

On the board, there are 80 numbers, neatly sectioned into little circles. You have to choose between 1 and 10 of these numbers, by clicking on the ones that you’d like to select. However, as you might see written in the hint that appeared right at the beginning of the game, it is advisable you select 10 numbers, since that is how you ensure you get dealt the 3 Lucky Numbers and therefore might have a chance at spinning the Multiplier Wheel. You can also choose from several patterns on the board, featuring a series of shapes, such as a heart, a cross, or an arrow. Therefore, you don’t have to think too much about it.

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Once you select your (hopefully) winning numbers, a paytable appears on the right of the board, clearly informing you on the possible wins, depending on how many numbers you might hit. Obviously, the more numbers you hit, the more the prize increases. Next, you only have to press the “Play” button and watch the animation, as each number is drawn one by one. Or if you prefer quick results, you can skip that by pressing “Quick Play”.

Once the round starts, if you’ve selected 10 numbers, you get 3 random Lucky Numbers that turn golden on the board. Then, 20 numbers are drawn, and depending on the winning numbers that match the ones you selected, you get your prize. Pretty simple, right?

Moreover, if you hit all the lucky numbers that were selected for you, you get to spin the Multiplier Wheel, which holds the opportunity of winning up to 100x times your initial bet, which then adds up to the prize you’ve already won on that round. You can play with the same pattern several times, or draw a new one each round. Everything’s up to you and your luck. Try to spin the wheel today.

The Verdict

Lucky Keno is a very well designed online casino game that will enthrall you from the very first play, and if luck is your forte, it might actually become one of your favourites.

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