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Feline Queen

Do you have what it takes to overcome the feline queen and steel her jewels from the hidden lair. Deposit and play today on this Egyptian themed UK slots online game and you may just find yourself with a new mistress and a lovely collection of gemstones after you’ve paid this online slot game.

Feline Queen

About the Developer 

Established in 1950, Bally Wulff Games and Entertainment is German gaming company that combines development and production with cash gaming machines to be used on different gaming platforms. There are 12 branch office and sales are centred within the German market however they also export business to Italy and Spain. The games the company produces all come with HD animations, fantastic designs, advanced technology and superb gaming quality to provide the best gaming experience possible. Bally Wulff have a great team of developers to ensure all games are fun and come with exciting features to keep players entertained. You can find our more here about the range of slots games available on Easy Slots online casino. 



About the Game 

As you can tell from the title the game in inspired be cats and tigers. Feline Queen is a 3-reel 1 payline slot game which focuses around our feline friends. The game is in the shape of a badge and you must spin the reels to land on various symbols which will offers different multipliers and cash prizes.

The game comes with 9 symbols which include a fierce woman, 4 feline animals and 4 feline eyes and has an astonishing jackpot of up to £200,000 which you’d love to get your claws on.  Feline Queen is different to most other slot game out there which is what makes it so unique. The atmosphere of the game represents big cats well – fierce and powerful. You will hear sounds of the jungle as you hear the roaring in the background which reflects the theme well.

Feline Queen online slots game

The fierce woman and the feline characters are all worth different multipliers when found in a winning combination, these are as follows:

Fierce woman – x100,000
Tiger – x2,500
Panther – x250
Lynx – x25
Leopard – x10

Two feline characters, feature to the left and right sides of the screen as the background. The top half of the screen shows the wins you have achieved with each spin and the bottom half of the screen is the home button, sound button which can be turned on and off, a how to play button and betting amounts where you can decide how much they wish to bet. It also displays how much balance you have remaining. Auto play is also available which allows you to select your stake and number of times you wish to play for and the game will play automatically.

The Verdict

The game is really well designed and you can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into it as it’s very creative and beautiful. The developers have gone into so much detail to bring the characters to life featuring some amazing graphics.  The game is more than just a slot game but more of an adventure as you see wild cats like you’re on a safari journey, this element makes it so much more fun and different to other slot games. You’ll struggle to fault the game as it really is amazing. If you love cats and tigers then this game is purrrrfect for you!

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