European Roulette

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Summary of European Roulette Casino Game

The online casino is a diverse place offering huge amounts online gambling fund – with options ranging from top rated slots to craps. Amongst the great selection of online Casino games you find some true classics. One such classic is the roulette wheel. Spinning red and black in the corner of the casino occupied by people wearing suits or tuxedos, the roulette wheel is one of the most classy sights in any casino. If it's good enough for James Bond then it's good enough for you, as the famous 007 even has his own method for the roulette wheel.

Well you may not dress up all fancy to play roulette online, the experience is just as fun. The aim of the game is still the same as you must predict my little ball is going to land. In order to do so you can use a wide range of bets, some of which we will cover in this guide to European Roulette. We will also cover the standard of graphics in this production and point out the crucial differences between the roulette wheel in America and Europe.

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NetEnt - the developer of European Roulette

The developers of online casino titles are often the unsung heroes of the online casino industry. However, when looking at the game like European Roulette, you have to examine who is behind it, especially as there are so many version of this classic casino game to be found online. This particular game was created by NetEnt and this developer is a very well known across the online gambling community.

They have a wide repertoire of online gambling titles that are very, very popular. In their catalogue online games you will find the likes of online slot games and casino classics such as this one. While most people might associate this developer with the best slot games - NetEnt are behind such online slots as Gonzo’s Quest - they prove with this game that they can also do a mightily fine job at converting a truly timeless casino pastime into an online mobile casino classic.

From NetEnt you can always expect a really good graphics and a commitment to free-flowing gameplay. When it comes to roulette there is only so much that a developer can work with in terms of graphics, however the look they have gone for is both classy and sophisticated. This roulette wheel would not look out of place in Parisian the casino in the glory days of casino gambling. Lookout for woody browns and lush greens in this well-designed version of European Roulette.

This developer has also done an expert job I'm making this game fully playable across all major devices. This means that European Roulette is playable and fully functional on your handheld mobile device, your tablet device and your desktop computer or laptop. This goes a long way to making the game as accessible as possible as no matter how you gamble you can do so with this well crafted online casino game.

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What is the difference between European and American roulette?

Before we tell you more about this addition of European Roulette, it seems a good time to explain the differences between the European roulette wheel and the American roulette wheel. Although the games player at the exact same the American Roulette wheel actually has one more pocket. This comes in the form of an extra green pocket marked with a 00. The addition of this extra pocket means that the boards are slightly more in favour of the casino when playing American Roulette compare to the European edition.

This American adaption is of course not included in this particular game of European roulette so you can expect to play the game as the French intended. Whichever game you decide to play though, make sure that you check our casino promotion to boost your winning chances!

About European Roulette Gameplay & Payouts

The game of roulette is very simple. The player must place their bet as the wheel starts to spin and this bet can range from a very simple one such as red or black, odds or even, or it can be a more complicated bet that relies on covering a certain part of the board. Player can even bet on one number in particular. While this is incredibly difficult to predict, it obviously rewards the biggest prize should you get it right.

So, those who enter the casino with a lucky number will often place about on that number of popping up. However, as many great strategists will tell you, there is simply no way to predict the outcome of the roulette wheel. European Roulette is powered by RNG software and it is this that makes the game so reliable and above all, fair. RNG stands for Random Number Generator and helps this online casino game react as naturally as a roulette wheel would in a real-life casino.

If a player decides that they want to gamble on either red or black, perhaps once or evens, they will have the chance to double their bet. This is known as an evens bet and is one of the most popular ways to gamble in roulette.

There are a number of betting methods and strategies that use these evens bet, most notably the Martingale method. Although these methods are always interesting and fun to try, there is no guarantee that they will work so we suggest that you just do as you please and bet the way that feels natural to you when playing European Roulette.

Our Take on European Roulette

To summarise this classic online casino game, NetEnt have done a fine job at bringing a popular casino pastime straight to your mobile, tablet and desktop. The game has fairly basic graphics but these all that is needed to replicate the look and feel of an old school casino. The gameplay flows very smoothly and this addition of the European roulette wheel is surely one of the best that you will find online.

Further evidence of the quality of this game comes with the fact that so many of the top casinos use this version of European Roulette and therefore you can expect to see this game all over the World Wide Web. If you don’t think this is your type of roulette, then maybe you should check out the American Roulette version!