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Beginners and professional casino players will be happy to know that they can now play 75 Ball Bingo at, your best stop on Easy Slots, the home of the best online slots. If you’ve been wondering how you too can make your online bingo dreams come true, this is it. 75 Ball Bingo plays out on a 5 x 5 number grid and it plays out over three cards. 75 balls fill 75 places on the three 5 x 5 cards. As numbers 1 to 75 are randomly called out, you go marking that off your card until winning patterns are formed successfully or you fill the bingo grid. Join today!

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How To Play Lucky Stars Bingo

Buy your way into a game by purchasing tickets beforehand right here on Easy Slots, the home of the best slots. There’s usually a minimum buy-in. When the game starts, players will get to choose the game they want to play. Listen out for the calls (numbers) and mark yours off as they get read out. For most 75 Ball games, your goal will be to earn a single vertical line first. After the single line game has been won, it's up to whoever completes a ticket first to win the house prize for that game.

Some 75 Ball games on Easy Slots, the best slots casino, have progressive jackpots that build up when you play. The jackpots are awarded when a player wins a full house of numbers below or their set of numbers is called. You can play variations of the game played with patterns. You might want to cross off the first four corners on one side of your grid – usually this part will become clearer once you enter the game.

In online bingo, the range of prizes is usually awarded based on patterns. In 75 ball, the numbers are called out in the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th columns. In 75 ball quick game, the first person to mark four corners of their card wins the prize.

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Our Verdict on Lucky Stars Bingo

With pattern-based games, the game comes to an end when a pattern is made, so there’s no need to keep playing. The best thing about the Easy Slots casino, you can get to play all the best online slots and fun bingo games like this one. These quick games usually increase your chances of multiple wins, so prize pots are shared. Shotgun bingo is a fast version of 75-ball bingo where numbers are called out quickly with little to no breaks. Players get 1 or 2 cards only, because it’s easier to mark off the numbers at the fast rate they’re usually called. Once again, prizes awarded depends on the patterns required.

If you’re looking for yet another version, you will enjoy 'quick shot', an instant win variant of the game. In quick shot, the setup is created in advance. You will find your select number of balls pre-drawn. Cards are sealed with either full house or patterns being nominated as per the wins required. Whichever player matches the game at that point will win the prize. It’s an enjoyable game, but not as fun as the full 75 Ball game.

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